11 March, 2008

Eyewitness Account of SZR Mayhem

Anyone traveling from AD to Dubai this morning will probably have been affected. Apparently there was a huge multi-car accident, including burning cars, on the SZR Dubai bound, near the AD/Dubai border (Ghantoot exit). I didn't see this one, but reports mentioned 30-60 cars involved. Can anyone confirm? That would have happened around 7:00 a.m.

I wasn't able to get near there due to the several accidents on the same highway some 40-50 kilometers behind the Ghantoot accident. Incredibly, this one involved another 50-60 cars although none burning. In my case I was making my way through the dense fog after 7 am, Dubai bound from Abu Dhabi. It was the densest I've ever seen and found myself in places unable to drive any more than 60 kph. Passing Shahama and after the exit to Al Rabha (near Zayed Military City) I hit the first tailback which eventually led me past 6-8 wrecked cars, some still blocking lanes, others already on side of the road. Immediately past this the tailback resumed which led me another 2 km down the highway only to find this time 50-60 wrecked cars littering both sides of the highway! Just past that the tailback resumed, this time (and after over an hour in wait) I eventually made my way another kilometer ahead past another 12-15 wrecked cars. This was 2-3 kilometers before the Taweela interchange. Once at the interchange all Dubai bound traffic was forced to exit and not allowed to take any road in the Dubai direction--not SZR or any of the service roads on either side of the highway.

On the radio one only hears details about the Ghantoot pile up. That would mean the 60-80 crashed cars I passed up near Al Rabha was still small fry compared to what must have happened at Ghantoot.


DUBAI JAZZ said...

I am glad you are safe.

Anonymous said...

It's horrible. God bless them.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

At least six killed and more than 20 injured after a crash involving around 200 cars near Ghantoot.


Anonymous said...


Proud Emirati said...

thats so sad


Anonymous said...

Arabianbusiness.com update also includes an embedded youtube video


Proud Emirati said...



Seabee said...

I've posted about it with links to the Gulf News story.

Up to 200 vehicles involved, perhaps 10 dead and I just heard on the radio at least 70 injured.
I guess a lot of it isn't confirmed and we'll have a clearer picture tomorrow but it looks like one of the worst ever.

rosh said...

I have had friends forward pictures and details, it's all Unbelievably horrific!

How can this happen? May all those souls rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the authorities force all local radio stations to broadcast traffic advisories when its foggy / rainy.
All but the most idiotic would hear the,"Drive slow, dont use your damn blinkers", message.

After a while the bad habbit of driving with the hazard warning lights would go away. (hopefully)

ali900 said...

200 cars! all cars in the pic = white?

some more pics - http://supercarsdubai.com/vb/showpost.php?p=19099&postcount=261

ali900 said...

more pics....




B.D. said...

Readers comments are now flooding into Gulf News comments page.

It appears in fact that 80 crashed cars in Al Rabha was small fry compared to the 200+ wrecked cars in Ghantoot with 30+ going up in flames, as reports are now saying. The complete toll, if we ever get it, will be incredible.

A few additional comments...
Hazard Lights
So many are shouting--don't use the hazard lights. Well, right or wrong, in the UAE it is quite clear that hazard lights flashing have come to mean that traffic has slowed dramatically or stopped, or that there's poor visibility due to fog or rain. Furthermore, like fog lights, the hazard lights are quite visible through the fog, so clearly this is the logic at play. Although I agree that this impedes the use of the indicator lamps, 90% of driver's don't use the indicator lamps anyway. I, myself, only use the hazard lights when traffic stalls completely, but presuming some cars don't even have fog lamps, I prefer to see hazards flashing than nothing at all.

Fortunately, when these kinds of tragedies happen there are a few heroes. I was reminded in comments by Gulf News readers of the men--laborers perhaps--who were running through the fog, at the edge of the highway, toward oncoming traffic. While I was driving between 60 and 70 kph and trying to keep distance between any cars in front, I don't know if in fact I would have been able to stop in time to avoid ramming into the stalled traffic ahead. I saw two or three guys running and waving arms which alerted me that something was up before I got too close. Who were they? What motivated them? Who taught them that waving arms and running toward oncoming cars might save lives? I, myself, didn't and would never have thought to get out of my car and do that. Real heroes.

The police and emergency personnel also have to be considered heroes for having had to manage the melee.

Anonymous said...

"Who taught them that waving arms and running toward oncoming cars might save lives? I, myself, didn't and would never have thought to get out of my car and do that. Real heroes."

Who taught them? how the fuck could they stop these bastard fags driving at 100+ when they cant see shit. How could they save more lives when these drivers could just slow just this once on one day of the year, its just one fucking foggy day in a year. Jeez, all these bastards on the roads are all potential murderers.

MD said...

My friend who is a doctor at an AD hospital was driving from Dubai to AD when this happened. He stopped his car on the side and helped the police and paramedics in dealing with the dead and injured.

I don't understand why they have retracted the statements about 8 people dying. My friend confirmed that 8 had died and he had checked on four of the eight dead. Covering up the numbers will not change anything for anyone.

May God give patience to the families who have lost a member in this accident and I hope the remain heal soon, Insha'allah.

MD said...

*remaining victims

Dark AngeL said...

It was horrible!!!!!

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