26 March, 2008

Dubai Demo Camp

Check out Demo Camp Dubai. It seems like a very nice idea, people come along to a monthly get together and four people "demo" their idea. The idea can be most anything it seems which should mean there'll be good variety. Most recent Demo Camp was yesterday but I'll definitely look out for the next. On their site it's explained like this: "DemoCamp Dubai is a Dubai-based launch event for new products, technologies and companies, it’s all about people presenting their new stuff and people giving them feedback. It’s an effort to entice excitement around creating cool stuff, find great innovation wherever it occurs, identify market trends through the focus of the products coming to market, and expose everyone to new ideas and exciting opportunities."


M. said...

Do you, by any chance, know when the next event will be held? Tried checking the site out, but there's no information on future demos and further development of the projects.

EmiratesMac said...

There is a Google Group:

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