18 March, 2008

Art exhibition "Vibrations within" at Tashkeel

Hope this might be of interest to some Community Blog visitors.
Vibrations Within, the inaugural exhibition at Tashkeel, opens on Saturday 15 March, 2008 at 7 pm. A group exhibition, Vibrations Within features the work of twenty-one artists from more than ten different countries who are all living and working in the United Arab Emirates. Whilst many of these artists have exhibited extensively both here and internationally, for others it is the first public showing of their works, reflecting Tashkeel’s core aim to encourage and support artists and designers in the region, regardless of age, nationality or experience. 
Artists were invited to submit work in response to a given theme, in which they were asked to articulate their personal interpretation of the energy of change. Exhibited works range from paintings in oil and acrylic to recontextualized found objects.
“We are inevitably affected by our surroundings, absorbing inspiration by gaining knowledge from new environments and people. The spaces we occupy are also impacted by a multitude of changes that are imposed upon them, whether through natural or man-made forces. Yet, whilst these changes and influences may at times seem remorseless, even overwhelming, there is an innate rhythm, an almost unnoticeable vibration at the core of existence that remains constant, continually defining the character of the space it occupies.  We may not always be able to interpret these signals, or even be aware of them, and yet they affect who we are and how we live.”
Participating artists:
Ahmed al Marzouqi, Mark Pilkington, Alya Al Sanad, Najla Al Bassam, Colleen Quigley, Nivedita Saha, Debjani Bhardwaj, Noor Hamidaddin, Dina Khorchid, Reem Al Ghaith, Ginger Krieg Dosier/J Michael Dosier Rick Millar, Gita Meh, Sertac Tasdelen, Jalal Abuthina, Sheikha Bin Dhaher, Janet Bellotto, Stephen Copland/Meredith Brice Copland, Karima Al Shomely, Tim Kennedy, Latifa Saeed Al Falasi.
Exhibition dates: 15 March – 17 April 2008, Opening at 7 pm, Saturday 15 March
Opening times: 9 am – 9 pm.
Location: Tashkeel, Nad Al Shiba 1, Dubai (Next to Nad Al Shiba Clinic at the intersection of Road 20 and Road 5, Nad Al Shiba 1)


B.D. said...

Thanks for the info. Looks interesting.

crys said...


EmiratesMac said...

Tashkeel is a really nice place, I hope people check it out. They have some amazing facilities for anyone interested in arts and crafts.

Nature Strikes Back said...

Tashkeel is a great place and as well as that show there is loads of other stuff happening. The crek art fair is in Bastakia til March 31st and there are ginat ants and a whole programme of other stuff at DIFC. The Art Dubai Fair is also at Madinat Jumeriah til Satruday. i

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