23 March, 2008

Du begins blocking

Du has gone and gotten itself a proxy page!

The page that has been blocked? Secret Dubai's blog! Congratulations!

Thanks to anonymous for tip and screenshot

(reportedly blogger/blogspot is now working on Du connections once again--except for Secret Dubai's blog)


Assistant Editor said...

The page looks cool ;-)

ali900 said...

and the cookie crumbles!

Proud Emirati said...

Congratulations !!

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

If I were the TRA, I would have made the proxy display an advertisement first. I wonder how much money you would make. Advertisers would know that the people getting blocked are open minded individuals who most likely have something between their ears.

I would market to this segment!

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

It could even be contextual, based on the url.. so, if someone is trying to access a porn site, I would show a banner saying,

Come to any of the many fine establishments in Deira. All hotels have nightclubs where you can pick up a real prostitute, instead of going solo.

Followed by the message about the site being offensive to the UAE's culture and religion :)

Kyle said...

Dubai Entrepreneur:

Come to any of the many fine establishments in Deira.

There are fine establishments in Deira?

Where? ;)

i*maginate said...

LOL D.E! hehe.

I like the 'surf safely' bit. We all need a bit of guidance from time to time, especially on the internet!

Anonymous said...

The joy of progress. Anyway, our "fellow" will keep getting their solo fix from hotbird's thousands of porn channels. For when they forgot to recharge their salik or can't be bothered hit the Deira scene.

Got to love the double standard.

FYI, DSD is not blocked in int'l city for the moment, I guess the rollout of the proxy is progressive.

secretdubai said...

Did this page appear before my blog was blocked on other blocked sites (eg Playboy.com or .il domains)?

Or can I dare hope that I am the very first site to warrant this page, and it was introduced in celebration of my blocking?

*wears special Du-block crown*

This will be something to boast to my grandchildren about!

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

I believe you were the first to be blocked by du. I also hope that they are not blocking the free zones (TECOM).. because most of us here rely on our ability to tell what the outside world is saying about us to counter it (for Dubai's own sake). So it feels rather counter-productive to an extreme.

I am still able to access SD's blog, in addition to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (http://www.mfa.gov.il/MFA).

I have yet to encounter the proxy page from my office. I hope I never do, because once I do, I will request an exception and see how that goes.. and if it doesn't, I will most certainly start looking for a new place to move the company to. It directly impacts our business.. this is not a case of me wanting to read SD's rants and have a laugh..

Dubai Entrepreneur said...


Shouldn't you first have children before you can plan for your grandchildren? :)

secretdubai said...

I believe you were the first to be blocked by du.


And try here for another currently unblocked option.

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