02 March, 2008

A (very) short interview with Sheikha Lubna

Todd Watson from Wall Street Market Research gets the shortest interview with Sheikha Lubna after her staff confuse him with editors from the Wall Street Journal.

Amusing story - read here.

Ah well - at least he got a hot towel and a fruit juice!


Kyle said...

I think that was rude of Sheikha Lubna, even if she’s a hotshot member of the Royal Family or for that matter her incompetent staff had screwed up in setting up that appointment. The least, she could have done was allow Todd to present himself and answered his questions even if he was not from the WSJ.

The Jewish reference, here – contrary to anybody’s debunk theory - is kinda old and stale.

rosh said...

ha! that was funny and nicely told. "Islands in the Stream" - Dolly Parton, patron? :)

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Kyle, I agree with you. I would have expected Shiekha Lubna to give him the interview. But I think the fact that his unexpected visit coincided with the arrival of WSJ Chief Editor, maybe made her act the way she did.

That is of course, assuming that the story is true, or not exaggerated…

NZM, how do you get hold of these stories? : )

nzm said...

To be fair to Sheikha Lubna, she was probably very confused and embarrassed at the mix-up.

As Todd wasn't even on her staff's radar, they probably didn't even have any contact details to get in touch with him, even if she had wanted to give him a later interview.

DJ: I have my ways of finding out this info! LOL

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

That's actually funny. I feel bad for the guy.

hallodubai said...

liked that story...but the interviewer should have at least known that she is no longer the Minister of Economy.

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