13 March, 2008

Interesting links of the day

Marketplace has two interesting features on Dubai;
The first: "For every Indian or Pakistani who decides to leave Dubai, for every Bangladeshi who figures their opportunites will be better at home, there are dozens or hundreds of others who'll gladly replace them. Scott Tong met one of them in Manila."

The second: "Falcons hold a special place in the United Arab Emirates, so it's probably no surprise that they have a hospital especially for their care. Kai Ryssdal has more."
(Unfortunately the video featured in the falconry piece has been declared against the moral, social and cultural values of the UAE)

They also have a number of other interesting features on the UAE in their archives

In other news, apparently someone in the UAE has found a spare 2 million pounds to get a private dance from Britney Spears


DUBAI JAZZ said...

She already got an arab boyfriend.
She might as well does the dance for free. She loves Arabs.

In other news, Jessica simpson is in kuwait, performing a private dance to lots of 'privates' in the American army.

Areto said...

The falcons here seem so wonderful, but so few of them were actually bred here. So many are captured in areas where they are threatened, and smuggled to markets that will pay, like the UAE. I'm glad there is a hospital to help them once they are here, but it isn't just an interesting case of a noble tradition.


Anonymous said...

2 million £ fo r britney bitch WTF!
she is not even sexy anymore

rory said...

Britney is A class A whore. This just proves it

Curious said...

You see that falcon video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSFpodvtFoU

Btw can't understand what was so immoral abt it?

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