02 March, 2008

British TV executive arrested at Dubai airport released

"Dubai: A British TV executive has been discharged of illegally bringing in and possessing 0.03 grams of hashish, Gulf News has learnt.

Dubai Public Prosecution dismissed the charges and released the suspect."

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Lirun said...

he wasnt british.. he was from the UK but a (german born) australian and he's a friend of a friend..


this is the trauma my friends went through..

Kyle said...

I wonder what the authorities here would have achieved by tormenting this guy before exonerating him.

In my opinion, it further tarnishes Dubai’s image, while signifying increased incompetence in the area of human(e) affairs!

Anonymous said...

So was it 0.3g of hashish or melatonin pills? i'm confused.

J. Edward Tremlett said...

At first, they nailed him for the melatonin, and held him without charging him while they tested the dirt in the bottom of his bag because they thought it was hashish.

Then they cleared him of the melatonin, but continued to hold him without charges.

Then they announced that yes, there was cannabis in his bag. .003 grams worth. I believe that is the weight of a grain of sugar? Try smoking that! But, under Dubai's drugs laws, that's still enough for a 4-year stretch.

And then they let him go - no deportation, no record, he can leave at any time.

It's this kind of nonsense that's going to keep Dubai from its dreams of being an even bigger tourist and business draw.

Lirun said...

i was told that he flew back to the UK..

poor guy..

lucky he has such great friends..

Anonymous said...

This is all over the international news. Incidents like this hurt Dubai tourism more than the sheikdoms realize.

Unreal. I'm never going back to Dubai again. Ever. The country is an authoritarian police state.

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