10 March, 2008

Saudi woman flouts driving ban on YouTube

A Saudi woman activist marked this year's International Women's Day by defying a ban on women driving in the ultra-conservative kingdom and posted a video of her act on YouTube.

"In September, more than 1,100 Saudi men and women signed a petition to King Abdullah urging him to lift the controversial ban on women driving in the oil-rich kingdom, which applies a strict form of Sharia (Islamic law).

The petition - a brainchild of Huwaidar and other activists - stressed that Islam does not put constraints on women such as the driving ban and points out that women already "drive in villages and remote rural areas."

A group of 47 women defied the ban on driving by roaming the streets of the capital Riyadh in 15 cars in November 1990. They were swiftly rounded up by police and penalised, while their male guardians were reprimanded.

The following year, a fatwa (religious edict) was issued by the then mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, prohibiting women from driving cars. "


Kyle said...

Well done.

I salute this woman for showing others, she has it in her, and is not afraid of the consequences.

I just hope she doesn't get into any trouble with those freakish maniacs in The Kingdom.

D said...

Good for her... am going to watch this video now... wow, she's really brave.

D said...

Btw, does anyone know what she's saying?

Anonymous said...

So brave!!!

but as a Muslim I know that it is not prohibited and here is an article "fatwa" by Al-Qarni


Stained said...

freakish maniacs.....I wouldn't agree....but anyway its kinda sad that woman are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia but breaking the rule and then posting it on youtube so that several backward people who don't know anything about anything outside there own backyard can comment on it saying all sorts of rubbish about Saudi, its religion etc is a bad idea.

Its been in the paper that Saudi Arabia is in fact in the process of legalising driving for women, so yay for them. This act of breaking the rule is a waste and will result in uncalled problems for out brave lady of 'Justice' (as some might put it)...

Also I do hope that when legalised, they choose to give licenses to only those women who can Actually just drive, unlike the various here (not all, but a big part of them) who really can't as they prefer doing alot of other things other than driving.

Kyle said...

Hola Stained:

Do you think the blanket rule of not allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia fair?

Just because I endorse her and her action, makes me a backward person? Personally, I don't think you have the qualification to analyze where I come from!

Just so you know, my comment has nothing to do with your religion. However, it has everything to do with a person's right(s) and to do as they please.

Proud Emirati said...

Seriously though, the majority of the Saudis want the ban to stay.

Anonymous said...

that's all we need, more car pollution.

Sugar-Free Sweetie said...

Here we go again....I really hope that they need to give the ladies a chance to drive in KSA....but I'm really not holiding my breath on the success of this move...and I'm really tired of people pretending that they know the Saudi society well enough to criticize them.....I mean u've never seen the driving in KSA and the harrasment that women face down there....I would not like to go into details about that beccause I'd really like the Saudi society to solve its problems by itself rather than having someone who have absolutely no idea about what they're talking about preach the rest of us about the brutality of the Kingdom or whatever.


ali900 said...

now you'll see the car population maximise! they will not OWN ONE CAR... thats for sure.

Editor said...

No worries:


DUBAI JAZZ said...

Again, as PE said, even when the ban if lift, very little numbers of Saudi women will be driving. This is one of the nuances that you can only understand if you've lived there….

Anonymous said...

If they drive like emirati women I can understand the ban and I move for it to be applied in the UAE.

Just kidding, it only applies to that special one driving her cayenne on beach road who force me on the pavement.

Cheers to that Saudi woman though, let me know where is the petition to get her out of jail before she is stoned to death or something.

Anonymous said...

sad is countrz where one have to fight for right to drive... no comment

Anonymous said...

You're going to find more Diyafas and sleaze-fest on their roads too.

Dark AngeL said...

Anonymous << wat r u implying here "If they drive like emirati women" ... dnt generalise I can point to alot who drive recklessly other that Emiraties .... !!!!


hemlock said...

they gave a fatwa saying driving is prohibited in islam?
what a joke. and their reference for such a fatwa would be what?
and by the fatwa are the saudis suggestion muslim women all over the world who drive are lesser muslims? idiots.

unjane said...

I feel a revolution coming on and about time, too.
Anyone know what's going on with SD? Her site is blocked....wtf???!

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