16 March, 2008

blogger access problems?

Are any users located in freezones having difficult accessing blogger? (i.e. blogger not loading at all?)

EDIT: It may be that all Du/freezone internet users are unable to access blogger (ever since the secretdubai block); still waiting on more information, but have 3 users confirming a blank screen when trying to access blogspot/blogger.com


secretdubai said...

I'll post this over at British Expats as well, since presumably if this is blocked, no one will read this (unless they're VPN-ing).

Lirun said...

no problems

DUBAI JAZZ said...

no problems


Anonymous said...

Yup, there are problems in the du area. The difficulty started on the 15th for me.

It's funny how du users won't be able to see this post, as this blog has a .blogspot address and doesn't load. :D

(I'm commenting from my university's etisalat connection.)

But I was at least able to read the feed to this post in Google reader; couldn't comment from there though.

BuJ said...

our house in dubai hasn't had internet for over a week! but unfortunately i'm fine here.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a du area and also haven't been able to view blogspot blogs for a few days now. am able to get postings through Google Reader and proxies.


Anonymous said...

Blocked for me! Only vpn access.
Emirates Hills
Thanks DU
Complain...will see...

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