12 March, 2008

Continuing Medical Education in UAE – Fraud Alert

Please be aware and make your employees aware of dramatic increase in illegal CME Accreditations flipping throughout the Arabic Gulf countries. The scam involves hospitals and medical establishments posing as “International CME Accreditations” – offering purchase Seal of Accreditation from USA. The scam is most prevalent in new hospitals and high-end medical establishments, particularly in UAE and Saudi Arabia by American Academy of Continuing Medical Education (AACME).



smoylan said...

Thank you so much for uncovering an organization that in no way is an official accrediting agency for CME. My foundation, the American Academy of CME (they use a similar name, the American Academy of Continuing Medical Education) is a non-profit education foundation in the U.S. The Academy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the only recognized accrediting agency in the U.S. The CME programs we certify provide category 1 credit of the American Medical Association's Physician Recognition Award. You will find our web site at www.academycme.org.

Sondra L. Moylan, MS, RN
Founder, American Academy of CME

Anonymous said...


AMA-PRA cat I credit is strictly valid in the US. Our organization has been using AACME standards since 2004 which have proved to increase the competency of our healthcare professionals and increase the value of CME in Abu Dhabi.
AACME accreditation has been recognized in over 90 countries including Africa, Middle East, and South East Asia and have their own ‘’independent’’ standards that don’t follow your ‘’monopolizing’’ ACCME! We have verified their reciproc. agreements with medical associations in these countries and are fully satisfied with them as a supervising organization.
Your organization (academycme.com) is involved in a different type of business. You re accredited by the ACCME, a major monopoly over CME in the U.S. that gives no chance to other organization to develop CME standards. Your high fees for accrediting events which derived from the ACCME outrageous fee structure defeat the purpose of the mission of CME through educating the medical community and create out of CME a bad example for learning.
Your organization claims to be “not-for-profit” while all of your works through providing CME activities show high fees.
Last but not least, the descriptive name of both organization “AMERICAN”, ‘’ACADEMY’’, ‘’CONTINUING’’, ‘’MEDICAL’’, and ‘’EDUCATION’’ are descriptive that no one can trademark the above nor ask for exclusive claim to the names.
Before you slander organizations that made (and make) a difference, evaluate your organization’s achievements and performance.
Stop deceiving people and go post scams on U.S. websites! Leave our region away from your politics. You have enough problems with the ACCME changing policies 2-3 times a year and increasing their fees!
Dr. Mohd. Abdul-Rahman

Anonymous said...

indeed, we have been using the organization (www.aaocme.org) for a while. they helped us develop the programs and plan for our ongoing activities.
So far, things have been progressing very well since last year. you cannot believe everything you read on the net. i recommend and commend the AACME (aaocme.org) as they do a better job than the ACCME (accme.org).
Farouk Saeedi, MD

Anonymous said...

Dr. Abdul-Rahman has just informed me about this listing which was originally posted in 2006 by a "fraudulent" person that slanders a close friend, Dr. Andrew Nashashibi.
The original story of Dr. Nashashibi posted here is a fabrication!!! I ve well known Dr. Nashashibi since 1994. I also learned about his encounter in "Jordan" (a tiny country in the Middle East just East of Israel) back in early 2000.
Obviously, the person who posted this "scam" is sick loser who has nothing else to do but slandering successful people who "made a difference"!
This is an obvious listing by a "sick" Jordan citizen who cannot stand seeing the progress that the UAE and other countries in the region have emerged to in continuing education and professional development for the past few years.
I mostly blame the administrators at bloggers.com for approving such slandering contents to be posted on their site.
Geoffrey Connor, MD

Fraud Alert said...

Dear Drs. Abdul-Rahman, Saeedi and Connor:

It was refreshing to see the passion in your comments, but all your comments seemed to come from someone obviously biased toward AACME.

Also, did you even read the post? The Original Post is uncovering the fraud of an organization (AACME) that in no way is an official accrediting agency for CME.

The Original Post includes hard evidence and website links that prove the AACME fraudulent activities in UAE.

The AACME is NOT accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the only recognized accrediting agency in the U.S. period. I also challenge you to prove that it is an accredited organization in any State. So, if it is not accredited, how could AACME give accreditations to others?

You are saying that AACME accreditation has been recognized in over 90 countries including Africa, Middle East, and South East Asia. Assume that’s true (which you know it is not), then name it African or Middle Eastern or South East Asian Academy of Continuing Medical Education. Don’t call it American Academy of Continuing Medical Education (AACME).

I should mention that when someone leaves a comment on this blog (and most blogs) the person’s IP address is recorded. I did a quick lookup of the IP addresses of Dr. Mohd. Abdul-Rahman, Farouk Saeedi, MD, and Geoffrey Connor, MD and interestingly enough they all share the same IP address.

What a coincidence!!

Before attacking the original post or Ms. Moylan, when you make biased posts to blogs, be sure and mention that you all are the same person (Andrew Nashashibi aka Ayman Nashashibi).

Anonymous said...

I am a proud UAE national and an EMT.
I must say that who gives a damn about all of you crackheads!!! As far as I am concerned, screw AACME/ACCME, AMA, ABA, …etc.
Why blogs are being abused by assholes like you all!!! They were never created for this reason. Let this world live peacefully without the intervention of you f**ken Americans in every country and draining their resources!!!! We don’t care about your associations or your pathetic regulations. Screw Dr. Nashahhivi, screw Abdul, screw Oconnor, and most importantly, screw Moylan who started the whole crap. Go enjoy your life with a frozen hotdog in your hole you lifeless piece of shit! Nashashiivi, f**k you and your brain and f**k your standards!!!! Go name an african ass monkey as your medical education company and work in Africa instead! Check out my IP now fu***rs!!!! Bite my big one ya ‘ll bastards-------------------------------------

Anonymous said...

e aware of too many dental fraud in this beautiful city. My friend was one of their victims a few months ago. They took loan from bank to pay for her husband's dental treatment. Later they found out that more than 70% of his treatment was completely false. Somebody has to put stop to these well-dressed high class thieves.

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