23 March, 2008

latest "travel" guide for our fair city


samuraisam said...

what's a 'quide'?

samuraisam said...

The link wasn't working properly; I've fixed it for you.

Lirun said...


Axonsax said...

opps - was ment to say "guide" and thx Sami

secretdubai said...

Al Muntaha.

And I don't think I've ever seen a worse travel guide to Dubai in my life. Tacky, clearly advertorial (the journo's trip was obviously paid for), not even well written.

Dubai has so much more to offer than "glitzy" bars and five star restaurants in uber fake Disney-Arabia tourism resorts.

Anonymous said...

secredubai: hey, maybe you should put that comment on your blog, that might get you unblocked..

or not, i'm not sure.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

So what is she? a Thai?
How can I get to meet her? :P




Obviously joking...

Anonymous said...

what might the cover for Sharjah look like,
maybe burqa + niqab.

Kyle said...

There's so much to see beyond the artsy-fartsy glittery-bling wall of Dubai.

But that's not on promo because it amounts to loose change.

secretdubai said...

Also does anyone find the image a really poor bit of photoshopping?

They haven't even bothered to make the images in the sunglasses look rounded or reflective.

It looks like she has cut out two postcards and stuck them on her shades. Woeful. Even worse than my three-headed camel. And that is saying something ;)

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