30 November, 2005


i am speechless. an instant sticking on the wall though.

DUBAI — Two UAE nationals — Ali S. A. (38) and Abdullah M. S. (30) — were sentenced to life imprisonment for shooting dead a Sudanese national Abdel Monaim M. Y., who claimed to be bullet proof, was shot in the stomach and the head, resulting in his death.

EDIT by secretdubai:

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secretdubai said...

I sent that to Fark earlier today - it's my first ever link submitted. You've gotta *love* this comment on it:

"Good lord, reading that article was like an hour with Dell phone support.

It was accurate, just not easy to take in."


Anonymous said...

galadari should stick to raising his ancestoral herds back in iran and forget the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

how could we live without our daily laugh at the expense of khaleejeetypes.

Keefieboy said...

Remember when Galadari was pleading for people to tell him straight how wonderful the KT was? Anybody got a link to that piece? The man needs to be told the truth, 'cos 'blog' is not a word they use down at the Kringeworthy Times.

secretdubai said...

I think samuraisam has it - I mean to save the stupid link, but forgot.

It's one of the most unbearable things you will ever read, literally crawling with insincerity and misplaced smugness.

John B. Chilton said...


I'm ahead of Secret Dubai, 2 to 1, in the race for greatest number of fark submissions _accepted_ from the UAE. But she beats me hands down on acceptance rate.

secretdubai said...

But she beats me hands down on acceptance rate.

I doubt it - they've rejected so many juicy ones I sent them:

- wacko jacko in drag in the women's lav
- women widowed seven times by age 32
- the he shagged/she shagged divorce-adultery case
- "decapitated" man speaking with choked voice
- divorce when hubby discovered bald under his keffiyah

and so many other, massively deserving articles!

John B. Chilton said...


You wrote

"I sent that to Fark earlier today - it's my first ever link submitted."

Then you wrote

"'But she beats me hands down on acceptance rate.'

"I doubt it - they've rejected so many juicy ones I sent them"

I guess you meant "first ever accepted" not "first ever submitted."

I had a good May, then zip:

Most recent links approved:
2005-05-30: Radar picks up naked man at high speed, one exposed breast, and several one-fingered salutes. Welcome to Dubai
2005-05-26: Due to marriage cap old man has to let first wife go in order to bring in one who can cook. Remaining wives take note

secretdubai said...

Oops sorry John - that is what I should have typed!

Congrats on your links, we need the wider world to be more aware of these super stories.

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