29 November, 2005


you know when things are going to be taken seriously by the world.
when they firstly appear on cnn.com, and when they are on the front page.

oh dear.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (Reuters) -- Men arrested at what a United Arab Emirates official said appeared to be a gay wedding are to be given hormone therapy, officials said on Tuesday


MJ said...

I don't see how this is related to international laws! This is an Islamic country, and I do hope that the US keeps that in mind when giving their opinion. Maybe the US should leave it to the people in this country not to the government ever to say what they think. I believe that more than 90% of the locals don't accept such an act! so where is the freedom in that? and if the US does really care then maybe they should have said something about the other laws here that are so not fair (at least I don't think they are) like putting a guy who caused someone's death for three years in jail. Three years in jail and the lady DIED! (go read today's gulfnews if you want to know what i'm talking about)

someone mentioned on another post that the US opinion is more than that, which I agree it is. To Arab governments at least.

I do think that being gay is not something a person is bored with, it is something he grow into. If Allah made someone something, wouldn't He acknowledge it? I don't want to start an Islamic discussion.

samuraisam said...

mj how can you make such a vast generalisation about people of a country?
it is about as inanely stupid as your attack on the US making a comment which has nothing to do with them.

MJ said...

I'm making a vast generalisation!

Are you local? I don't care anyways. If you know locals you will know that most locals wouldn't want their children to grow up surrounded by gay men! That is only an example. If you are local, go ask you father, mother, grandfather, uncles, aunt, siblings and cousins and see how many will agree that gay people should be given freedom to be open about their sexuallity.

and I will be waiting for a poll about that to prove it to you.

samuraisam said...

oh yes, i am waiting your stupid poll too.

your inability to tell the time certainly isn't hopeful to your case in this argument.

Emirati said...

There is no need for a poll. What the Entire UAE population knows and wants, is already known. It is like saying "how many americans agree with bin laden on 9-11"... some things are just plain obvious.

MJ said...

Yes. Emarates and Muslims in the UAE knows what they want! I was just suggesting a poll so we have some FACTS to show people like sam. But then maybe they are not worth the job.


My inability to tell the time! what does that supposed to mean? If it is about me mentioning that I wrote the post at 3, it is becuase I wrote the post at three and posted it later. You have a problem with that?

samuraisam said...

yes i do.

If entire countries could make decisions about how a few people could or could not live, the world would be very very different.

MJ said...

If entires countries made decisions on what most of the people want, the world would be very different.

samuraisam said...

yes it generally goes something like a leader like stalin and a system called communism.
or any country that matter where there are hundreds of times more poor people than there are rich people, that is of course basically every country. mugabe rocks your socks.

nick said...

Do you really think that hormone therapy is necessary? Regardless of whether the U.S condemns it or not, who cares...the fact is that just because someone is found to be gay does that mean they're injected with instant straight-inducing hormones?

Anonymous said...

...from what I understand, homosexuality is somewhat of a common practice among Arab men...they just don't like to talk about it, right?
There is nothing wrong with homosexuality, but there is something very wrong with a government injecting its citizens with hormones or anything else.

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