28 November, 2005

Dubai joins Metroblogging!

Dubai has become the 36th city to get its own Metroblog:


It would have looked a bit flashier, but for Etisalat/TRA's timely re-blocking of Flickr.

Still, the little "image not loaded" icons give it that special UAE flavour...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


muhaafiz said...

any news when etisalat is planning to lift the ban on flickr or whether it is going to lift the ban at all??

samuraisam said...

that sort of stuff is never known publicly.

they wont tell you if something is going to be blocked or unblocked. it just happens. email them, though i doubt you will get adequate response

Husain said...

You will never get a response from them. If I remember correctly, Flickr was blocked once before too, isn't it?

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