30 November, 2005

Could Dubai Learn a Lesson from New Orleans?

"The broader WiFi system is an expansion of that network, using equipment from Silicon Valley-based Tropos Networks Inc. The system uses shoebox-sized devices mounted on streetlight posts to provide the wireless coverage. Some of the devices also beam the signal to existing fiber-optic trunk lines that connect the city to the Internet backbone. About 20 to 25 units are necessary to cover one square mile."
What this is all about is a system just put into place in post-Katrina New Orleans to provide free wireless connectivity to all. It's Mayor Nagin's idea of a way to boost interest in the city, business-wise and otherwise. Dubai, the city of innovation, would do well to take an idea like this and run with it!


nzm said...

no - Etisalat's too busy doing things like this: Buying VOIP-blocking Systems

Free wireless internet for the city?

In your dreams! :-)

Husain said...

Free wireless? You must be joking. Think of the big loss of revenue for Etisalat! Where are they going to get the millions they pay for the proxy?

samuraisam said...

Etisalat already has almost dubai-wide internet coverage.

a "low" 5 dhs an hour for pre-existing etisalat subs. or 15 dhs if you dont have an internet account already.

what. a. joke.

husain: etisalat can cover the fee they pay to securecomputing using probably less than 1% of it's yearly profits, in fact i wouldn't be surprised if the govt pays it for etisalat.

Rock Star said...

The newest entrant in the world of off-shore / outsource providers is Dubai, a United Arab Emirates city state. Using the unusual pitch: “India is a tough place to live.” Dubai is pursuing companies to off-shore / outsource work to the region. Kick-starting an operation for landing a slice of the outsourcing pie, it is determined to grab some of the work being off-shored / outsourced to low labour cost countries, mainly India and China. A David facing battle with two Goliaths, the city state is hesitant to compete in a head to head tussle with the two off-shore / outsourcing giants. But, it is subtly positioning itself as the headquarters of senior or more qualified employees who do not wish to live in Mumbai or Bangalore.


Ironically, it is a plan that has managed to appeal to at least one Indian firm. Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ), the government agency responsible for the free trade zone project, only recently signed a MOU with a large Indian off-shoring / outsourcing company to bring work to DubaiCity.


Employees of the Indian off-shoring / outsourcing firm with a couple of years work time in the company will be qualified for the move to Dubai. Dangling the carrot of a work transfer is bound to scale down employee attrition rates, a major problem faced by Indian off-shoring / outsourcing companies. It, also, ensures continued company loyalty, as quitting the job will result in the loss of their job permit, end result - deportation.

DubaiCity may be 30% more expensive, but it is possible to get more productivity from the employees, and there will be few who will refuse a transfer to the city state. With potential to become a centre for services e.g. tele-medicine, Western doctors will be able to pass on work to doctors in low labour cost countries.

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