29 November, 2005

US State Dept condemns U.A.E. arrest of homosexual couples

United States Condemns U.A.E. Arrest of Homosexual Couples

Is this not an example of the US imposing its cultural values on the rest of the world?

Meanwhile, 365g*y.c*m reports,
on Monday, Colonel Mohammed Ibrahim Al Hajiri, of the Public Relations Department, did not dispute the arrests and said the investigation is ongoing and that no official charges had been laid.

“The reports in local newspapers and foreign news agencies which quoted the Ministry of Interior on the issue of youths arrested in connection with a gay party is nothing but a personal analysis of the issue," said Col. Hajiri.

"It has nothing to do with the ongoing investigation of the accused. It is not necessarily the ministry’s opinion on the issue and does not represent the viewpoint of any of the authorities concerned.” Hajiri said.


Tim Newman said...

Is this not an example of the US imposing its cultural values on the rest of the world?

Firstly, the US is not ojecting so much to the arrests as the forced injection of hormones - a clear breach of basic human rights by any standards.

Secondly, the US is not imposing anything, it is giving its opinion and stating its official position.

urbanite82 said...

I agree this is not an issue of imposing cultural values, it is a mere statement of opinion on the US's part. The real issue is that these people's personal privacy is being infringed upon by the government.

secretdubai said...

It's just bloody pointless. It's not like anyone has ever - or will ever - have their sexual orientation cured by a few hormones.

Drop into any gym in downtown Sydney and you'll find it crammed to the gills with gay men on steroids.

As for that cretin quoted in the papers laying all the blame on parents, ffs. I so hope his kids turn out gay.

Arquati said...

The biggest 'party' is going on after midnight in Al Ain Oasis..

Emirati said...

The US government should concentrate on how to stop getting its young men killed in Iraq instead of meddling in other peoples internal affairs. The Americans will mount pressure. Hypocritically, homosexuals are not allowed to get married in the US.

I am all for hormonal and psychological treatment of those sick and defective people.

secretdubai said...

I am all for hormonal and psychological treatment of those sick and defective people.

But it doesn't work.

It may be true that homosexuality is the result of a "defection" in foetal development, like certain types of transgenderism are now though to be related to gestation hormone levels.

But it's too late to do anything about it once a child is born: it's fixed, just like the masculinity or femininity of a brain.

If you find it easier to think of it as a disability, or a kind of "third gender" then fine, but it's hopeless to try and change these people. Even most those that have actively wanted to change and have sought various types of treatment can't do it. It's hardwired in them to find the same gender attractive.

Jassim said...

There is wrong on both sides here.

Firstly there are rules for society here and there is a certain level of decadence here, practiced by both Locals and expats. These kind of parties are a symptom of that.
In short this is nothing to do with privacy coz these kind of parties are simply illegal, full stop. However injecting hormones into someone is plain stupid, that goes up there with those criminal Victorian criminologists who stated that a physical profile of a psychotic criminal would typical involve a sloped forehead. That kind of reasoning is superficial and unproductive.

Secondly whenever the US Govt speaks it is never just simple opinion. Their words have power and consequences ESPECIALLY when it is in relation to 'the rule of the mob' and the middle east. The worlds most powerful nation doesnt say words just for the sake of saying words.

Good day :-)

Jassim said...

Sorry. I was meant to conclude that they (the US) need to stay the hell out of our business for once and just mind their own ass cracks.

John B. Chilton said...

Gulfnews: Respect UAE's cultural identity

samuraisam said...

I view this the same as i do Etisalats proxy. completely effing stupid. they are willing to let westernized movies in, and make money off them, but when things get "sticky" they start pointing fingers.

they're also charging a police officer for filming/photographing the people after they were arrested, and apparantly he spread it using bluetooth, so expect more bullshit reports in every dubai based media agency about bluetooth, and how it undermines today's society, yada yada yada, meanwhile we're all getting ripped off by etisalat, and construction workers aren't getting paid, but you know, of course, naturally, top priority to a gay wedding, lets also ignore the mini-earthquake too, also, driving within the emirates suddenly improved over night, and all those prostitutes in deira? well they dissapeared too. a magical ninja with like a huge sword came through and killed them all.

Also lets shed the opinion of some half-wit muttawa to everyone, his beard isn't THAT long though.

Also, let's continue sipping our American pepsi, and eating KFC and Mc Donalds, supporting companies founded by jewish people is ok, but being in the middle east, we forgot about that, and we persecute homosexuals.

Let's go and build some multi-billion dollar invesment properties to attract foreigners here too, then persecute them too.

samuraisam said...

oh yeah, 50 dhs says more than 50% of those present at the wedding were locals.

Anonymous said...

anecdotally, most observers agree there is higher-than-average homosexuality in the arab/muslim worlds because of the high premium placed on female virginity. doing it with young boys isn't seen as being gay - even though, of course, it is. that's the underlying issue here. hypocrisy.

Jassim said...

I hate amateur anthropolgists and pop-psychologists coz listening to them yak is like listening to a five year old explain the finer points of rocket science and international economics:

@ anon. There were no young boys present at the party and i dont know anyone who thinks that having sex with someone of the same gender is NOT queer. Talk about outdated orientalist bullshit in full action.

samuraisam said...

actually there is an interesting philosophy among many people in the middle east, having gone to an all boys high school in dubai, it is certainly entertaining;
"you are not gay if you do it, but if it gets done to you, then you are gay"
The same sort of self serving communist bullshit people invent to protect themselves from being what they are but what they do not want to be.
It is more fun listening to this bullshit statement rather than arguing with people about it, because their friends actually come to their defence.

Anonymous said...

Both Local Hero and Sam are correct even though they are saying different things.

Local Hero's position is that of a str8, obviously conservative but modern or 'wordly' arab male. So from his perspective any kind of same sex activity is going to be illegal, gay and perhaps 'devient'. I have met many who think like he does, both here and in the States.

Samuraisam's point is also relevant. There is a notion that if you are the 'active' participant in the sexual act then you are somehow str8. However I think this notion arises from the fact that in highly segragated societies ther are 'str8' arabs who engage in gay activity as simply an outlet. The same thing happens in prison in ALL countries all over the world.

Infact this being phenomina of being str8 but doing gay stuff is also the attitude of Latin/Latino and afro-american (males) aswell. I cite a recent trend in the last 10 years among young str8 afro american men who were engaging in gay sex but keeping it on the DL (DownLow/secret)and would never openly admit.

I hope this doesnt come across as pop-psych or amature anthropology and strayed to far from the original subject matter because this is something which I have observed myself as a sociologist.

Anonymous said...

@local hero.

crying 'orientalist' at the first sign of criticism is so PC.

to quote, err, you:

"Being PC is boring and fake.

Deal with it."

Emirati said...

"However injecting hormones into someone is plain stupid, that goes up there with those criminal Victorian criminologists who stated that a physical profile of a psychotic criminal would typical involve a sloped forehead. That kind of reasoning is superficial and unproductive."

Local hero, what makes you so sure of what you just said ? Unless youre a doctor im taking that with a pinch of salt. Homorone treatments continue exist because they work.

SD, there is no such thing as "permanent irreprable damage", if you could please ask any psychologist about this statement to be sure. things can be fixed, those which are not fixed by hormonal treatment will undergo psychological treatment for their sickess.

secretdubai said...

Emirati - with respect, I am not sure how many gay-identifying men you have been exposed to, but when you move (certainly in the media industry) you quickly begin to realise that it's just not a choice for them. And it really isn't "curable".

Transgenderism, for example, caused by hormone exposure issues in utero, simply is not reversible or curable. (It also isn't always diagnosable until post-mortem). It just isn't that kind of "sickness" - any more than you can "cure" someone who is developmentally brain-damaged.

Not that I am drawing parallels with homosexuality and retardation, but if it helps people who have issues with homosexuality to think more compassionately upon it as an "incurable disease" - then at least that's a step in the direction of tolerance.

I have a theory that it is easier for women to accept and understand gay men for three reasons:

1. It is no threat to us (though occasionally a disappointment!)
2. We understand the desire for maleness
3. (Many, though not all) gay men don't give off the same "vibe" that straight men give off. My speculation is that this vibe relates to sexual pheremones.

So while I believe that there may be such a thing as "circumstantial" homosexuality (eg among prison inmates or "boys' boarding school"-syndrome) and that this may be impermanent, treatable and reversible, I cannot agree that it is true for the majority of homosexuality. People - often despite themselves - desire what they desire, it's hardwired in them.

Arabized said...

The US needs to stop meddling. How UAE governs itself is UAE'S own business.

>>Secondly, the US is not imposing anything, it is giving its opinion and stating its official position. <<

who asked for their opinion and official position?

The UAE's official position is based on islamic principles. The US has nothing to do the UAE'S position on religion. It's a known fact that the country's official religion is ISLAM.

They don't like it? Too bad. I also think there are bigger issues at stake then this incident that the US should take notice of. Basic rights? What about all those people being killed or mistreated? WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR BASIC RIGHTS?

We are not DEAF, MUTE or BLIND!

John B. Chilton said...

Comments monitor says: Please keep the comments on the subject matter, and away from personal attacks. If attacking seems imperative, attack the idea, not the person. Otherwise (am I breaking my own rule?) we are wasting my time and yours.

samuraisam said...

ok let me rephrase that then.

arabized please recall all the times governments and countries have given opinions on stuff that has absolutely nothing at all to do with them? it's a common occurence. Infact certain countries nearby practice it too.

pEtals said...

NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!! Let them handle their own and keep this for us....Gays are NOT acceptable and that is it..Call me ignorant call me anything, but isn't it enough what we are accepting these days that it is now a MUST to accept something that has been clear in our relegion and beliefs...G

Anonymous said...

Local men wear 'white dresses'...that's queer in my book, but I don't really care what people choose to wear actually, I have a problem with hypocrisy...thats in refrence to the "giving vs. receiving" and the 'indulgence' of all things western.

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