30 November, 2005

Helicopter Sighting

Helicopter sighted minutes ago (about 12:30 p.m.) hovering over Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. Don't know if it was trying to land, pick up someone, drop something off...? Door seemed to be open. It hovered perhaps 10 minutes then flew away. Any information, anyone? (Click on photos for larger view.)

Flying off...


CG said...

emirati...where art thou?
I was awaiting your explanation here.

Abu Safiyah said...

just drove for over 3 hours to reach jebel ali.

a bus (probably a labourers bus).. the bus had crossed the divider from the opposite end (near MOE)and was overturned on the opposite road.. i guess most of them would have died.. there were around 6 ambulenaces plus police cars and two helecopters.. what a sad way to begin the day and end a life.

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