30 November, 2005

Two Tales of One City

This is a must-read! S. Paradise: Does the Road to the Future End at Dubai? ~by Mike Davis (www.commondreams.org). I abbreviate the first word in the title because it gives away too much of the article's conclusion. It's better to read it and form your own opinion of which Dubai is the real Dubai. I think everyone can latch onto something in this article. Fans of Dubai will love the imagery of Dubai in 2010. Champions of the underprivaledged will applaud the stinging rebukes. I find myself nodding in agreement at nearly everything but finally feeling disappointed with the conclusions.


John B. Chilton said...

Thanks for this.

Perhaps what you sense about the article is what I sense. The author sees a cancer, I see a few warts. The author imagines evil and lack of propensity for improvement. I see that self-reflection is happening from the family level on up to the ruler level, and the vision for change is not only in the cityscape, but also at the level of respect for fellow humans.

BD said...

Well said, John. I'm not one to offer blanket praise on rulers just because they are, as happens in countries led by kings, monarchs, dictators and even presidents. But I do think the rulers or powers that be in Dubai are above sinister motives. They are probably, as many leaders are, guilty of being neglectful of that which they can't see from their lofty perches. But as you say, I too believe that there is a degree of self-reflection going on.

Anonymous said...

I have lived here for over two decades so obviously enjoy many aspects of life in the Emirates. The Emirates were very fortunate when oil money started coming in that they had two Rulers who used it for the betterment of their country and people. But now, altho the leaders are trying to provide for the future, with the best intentions I'm sure, one gets the feeling that the best advice is not being offered to them. As one visiting outsider said the other day - slow down, stand back and take a look at what is happening not only to the country but the inhabitants too.

Rock Star said...

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