01 July, 2007

Another word on Salik...

After three days of not being able to get into their website, finally this evening I have.

I clicked on 'News' to see what the reports of today's traffic chaos might be.

Stupid, I know. I'm in Dubai and I'm expecting a website to be up-to-date!

Here's the latest news from the RTA, copy & paste from their website this evening, July 1st:


RTA selling Salik tags in petrol stations and banks in preparation for official
launch July 1
- June 04, 2007

RTA continues preparations to activate Salik on July 1st
- June 03, 2007

The latest news they have for us is dated June 4.


clayfuture said...

Hey.. at least you GOT some news from their website!

Philolathes said...

Seriously, what did you expect? They're here to make money, they can't be bothered about how many hours you spend on the roads instead of being home with your family. Their primary concern is those bills you're generating! :)

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