15 July, 2007

Facebook safe for now says TRA

According to an ITP article, the TRA is saying that Facebook.com is safe for now and that they have "no plans" to ban it. "There have been no complaints made about Facebook and there are no plans to stop people using it as of now," TRA said.

Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, Facebook is the second most visited site in the Emirates, according to the article.


Random Magus said...

Hey would they every block blogger? I mean in general not specifically any one blog? I would seriously die

i*maginate said...

What do you mean by your comment, random magus. The article doesn't mention any block is being considered on blogger.com.

Anonymous said...

i*maginate, give the lady a break. Given, you have a hawkeye in addition to your righteous pinpoints but seriously dudette, chill for now!

i*maginate said...

Anon, you chill out! RM made a comment which shows she may have misunderstood that blogger is being blocked, and she's unecessarily worried! nothing wrong in pointing out a misunderstanding, esp if it causes her not to worry, now is there ;)

Anonymous said...

I dont think it is very safe to be on, anyone can find you. I was on there and people gt tons of pic there and info. My advice is that to stay awat

Anonymous said...

i agree its not that safe and people think it is safe. There is a insident but not sure if i can share on here but pls becareful

Mita said...

I wonder if TRA has realised that by bringing Facebook to the attention of the media they have actually increased traffic to the site.

I only joined Facebook to see what the fuss was all about!

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