29 July, 2007


Another evil practise that needs more light shed on it! Our great Middle Eastern hospitality does not seem to extent to everyone. Especially if they are 'serving' us.


What can I say?


Mita said...

Outrageous and inhuman - what can one say!! Some of these "employers" should be given a taste of their own medicine.

SevenSummits said...

Dear Local Expat,
First of all, please accept my sincere apologies for not responding to your friendly response a few months ago. I was out on an assignment and had neither the time nor the opportunity for blogging. Unfortunately I missed some interested posts on your blog - especially the one on “naturalization”. (you would not have liked my critical comments thou ;-)

The exploitation and constant abuse of Asian maids in the region is another serious issue (even more serious than the plight of the laborers) and certainly somewhat related to the other blog questioning, if the “UAE is an Islamic nation”.
(Such violations of human rights are unacceptable and incompatible with Islam, since the true face of Islam should be saturated in compassion!)

To stimulate the discussion, I would just like to share an incident I recently encountered in Kuwait. During a group discussion with colleagues from the GCC about exactly the above mentioned topic, a Saudi national said that we are all wrong and that the maids actually ENJOY GETTING RAPED. ????????? Honestly I am a peaceful individual, but there at that very moment, I had to take a walk and cool down. Everyone (colleagues from everywhere and of every religion) was completely shocked and in fact this geek, who of course claimed to be religious (now are we surprised?!) was actually a likeable fellow and that made his suggestion even worse. Moreover he believed in what he said to be true and could not be persuaded to reconsider his notion.

Aren’t we all so familiar with these double standards? While culture and family life are being praised over and over in the UAE (I don’t want to be sarcastic, but from fellows that scr… around elsewhere – upps – a new definition of “I am a family man” –mmmmh …?) and from “bimbolettes” that manipulate and blackmail theses same fellows under the auspices of some even more screwed up religious interpretation? (and thereafter in frustration abuse their maids, if they are not out to practice modesty in shopping malls), nobody cares to give a second thought to a female housemaid that has been separated from her children to earn an income or a cap driver that has not seen his family for over 2 years.

And people start wondering, why Westerners constantly misinterpret Islam?

Cheers and LOL from Germany

PS: Not ethical, but I agree with mita 100% :-)

Anonymous said...

There are some that are kind to their maids but their presence is far outnumbered by those many headstrong who believe slavery & abuse are the in-thing these days.

The sad part of this whole debacle is the inefficiency of the official authorities that just sit back and watch the whole thing unfold time after time, all over again.

What is much needed is a watchdog to monitor offenders, keep them in check and prevent their reoccurrence.

If that doesn’t work; identify them, name them & shame them.

localexpat said...

And the worst thing is they are not recognised under the UAE Labour Law which ,with all its shortcomings, does offer some forms of protection.

moviemania said...

I really don't understand how people can bring themselves to do this kind of torture. It's just disgusting.

How can the government just turn its back on this abuse?!

And still, the abusers call themselves Muslims.

Anonymous said...

And still, the abusers call themselves human.

Anonymous said...

Indonesians are sluts, if a mobile lands into their pocket they will be banging anyone for money.

They do get hit by earthquakes from time to time, but they still don't want to wake the fuck up.

God doesn't punish people for no reason, poverty is there for a reason.

i*maginate said...

localexpat, has the video got any relevance to the UAE?

localexpat said...



Anonymous said...

Dear UAE community Blog
Every one say bad words on Indonesian maids. especially these fuking motherfukers Arabs’ know how they will treat them in there houses.WAllah I see them, how they beat them, how they want to make them slaves. our prophet Muhammad (PBUH)finish completely, this slave ness but these some bad Arabs want any one slave.....look I give u very recently example about one maid....there is one Indonesian in Kuwaitis house and I think if iam not wrong this poor girl working in this fuking Kuwaiti house almost four years and he never allowed her to make phone, to go outside in free days, never allow her to call in indonasia.one day b4, she got massage from her home that problem in her country ,and she want to go in emergency she talk with the Kuwaiti and her mama, and u know….. they get angry on her. and said no need to go. she said I served u in this house 4 year and u give me this reward. but they don’t give her permission and not give her passport and bataka and said her get out of my house now at night .she cry and cry but they not see any tears in her eyes .....she is mother of one child she not see her baby for 4 years .u know she buy one car for her baby when he is little and this maid think when she go she give to her baby, but she never go again in her country, his baby become big and what he do with this car now. tell me ..he also want his mother but these fuking Kuwaitis never allows her to go her country .now they make her out and today she is in the agency from where Kuwaiti was brought her once. he not give her salary and not give her ticket to go back. what is wrong happened if he give her one month leave, and give her ticket’s you people know they go two time in one year for vacations in America and some other countries, but they have no money for this poor maid WALLA iam crying too much…this is only one story I told u there r too many in Arab country. but u people not do any thing for these poor ladies. this is Islamic country but every hard rules for out siders, not for Kuwaitis.

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