08 July, 2007

No fish on Friday

Having been so impressed with the quality and variety of fish on display on our new LuLu Hypermarket last week, I paid a return visit yesterday. We had a couple of friends coming to dinner, and as it has been a little while since I did any serious cooking, our thoughts turned to fish. Maybe a turbot, steamed with ginger and spring onions. Or a nice piece of halibut, served with wilted greens and a sauce vierge. Spent a happy hour with Gordon Ramsay and Charlie Trotter looking for inspiration and ideas. More HERE


secretdubai said...

Geant is quite good for seafood, but I find Spinneys Umm Seqeim a bit limited. I also wish they would pre-wrap more varieties of fish than hammour. Sometimes one is in a rush, but hammour is the only choice. Whenever I see other stuff pre-packaged there, such as John Dory or halibut, I nearly always buy it. If I have time I get them to fillet me something like Snapper, but sometimes they're very busy.

EyeOnDubai said...

Hi secret

Agree that Geant is good, but it's the wrong side of nowhere.

In my estimation, the best fish but the smallest selection is the fish counter in the Organic Shop at the Greens - brilliatly fresh, pre-wrapped, but Hobson's choice, usually sheri, nile perch and grouper. And, er, that's it... Peeled prawns cheaper than Spinney's shell-on, and (last night) delicious salmon fresh in from Shetland.

secretdubai said...

Agree that Geant is good, but it's the wrong side of nowhere.

Not for those of us imprisoned in the southern gulags ;)

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