15 July, 2007

Playing the Devil's Advocate

I thought long and hard before penning down my thoughts. I could foresee the outrage of angry eyes shaking their heads furiously at my post wanting to come and stone me to death at my outrageous comment. I kept thinking should I or should I not but then being such a daredevil I thought what the heck, I'll say it and risk the wrath and anger of all the readers living in Dubai.

I actually think the government knew what they were doing when they instituted Salik - Salik means 'clear' and for people living in Garhoud to see the Garhoud Bridge deserted at 6:30 pm[a sight as beautiful as it's unbelievable] one must think that the government knew what they were doing and they knew it would work, because it has!!

That said, of course I think that the toll is excessive and I think that maybe they should have timings for it like they do in Singapore [like they do for parking here] and companies should pay for it, but as far as getting their goal accomplished, Salik's done that. As long as they don't decide to toll any more roads - as not only will it defeat the purpose but also become more crippling then it is now.

An addendum/P.S.:
A reader actually misunderstood what I thought was very clear in the first line - the 'angry eyes' mentioned are yours dear readers as you read what I have to say and the 'stone me to death' was metaphorically referring to the angry comments to that would necessarily follow


Mme Cyn said...

I'll reserve judgement on Salik until the Summer Leavers and the school runners come back in to town. I also think it's really awful that the entire system wasn't fully operational when they fired it up (and still isn't).

i*maginate said...

Random Magus, that's interesting, your opening lines.

"I could foresee the outrage of angry eyes shaking their heads furiously...wanting to come and stone me to death at my outrageous comment."

Which comment? The one about Salik, or the one where you falsely imply the government stones people to death?

Rose in Dubai said...

Salik doesn't work, yes the Garhoud Bridge is empty but every other road is bearing the the brunt of that emptyness. The minute you get over the bridge the road is as busy as it ever was with everyone feeding back on as quickly as possible.

Imaginate you are hallucinating again! Nowhere does the post imply the government stones people!

Anonymous said...

I'm in AD, but go to Dubai at least a few times a week, SZR is now wonderful, but seems surrounding roads are worse, especially going to or from EMirates rd. Seems to me they've just moved the problem.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

So... what's new here? This is not an entirely new opinion. This has been repeatedly expressed as a possibility.

Look, traffic problems are not exclusive to Dubai. The TRA doesn't have a monopoly on solutions that don't make sense to the public. Look at the Parisians for instance. Bicycles?

I would rather wait like mme cyn suggested, before I can pass judgement.

Random Magus said...

mme cyn: I too have now started an informal research - how well will it continue, will people simply get anesthetized to it. I think as long as they don't toll Makhtoum it has a chance of working

i*maginate: Dear poster I was referring to bloggers stoning me with comments and their outrage not the government. It was an opening referring to the comment that would follow [perhaps I should have added a colon signifying that the remark after the opening was the one that the opening was referring to? although I do believe I said, 'but I'll go ahead and say it after which followed my remark]

Rose in Dubai: Thanks for the defense...I guess as I live in Garhoud that's the bridge that's has been a nightmare every single day of my life excluding Fridays, so to me to see the bridge empty was unbelievable.

anonymous: Thank you thats all I was saying... the roads that are tolled are emptier and its understandable because people who have to cross everyday must feel the pinch of it pretty badly

Dubai Entrepreneur: I don't think I started my post saying that this is an amazing revelation, an opinion never expressed before. It was just an observation!
Just like traffic problems are not exclusive to Dubai neither are tolls.

Random Magus said...

Another thing I would like to add is that I love being here in Dubai, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

Although with the rising inflation the cost of living is becoming slowly astronomical!

An Expat said...

Another thing I would like to add is that I love being here in Dubai, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

That should pacify some righteous people especially those who think that all expats do here is just bitch, whine & complain.

Seabee said...

I don't have a problem with tolls, if they're introduced for a genuine reason and are well thought out and managed. That's the problem with salik.
Yes it's eased the traffic on the short stretch of SZR but it's caused chaos on the alternative roads. And, of course, the RTA introduced it way before they were even ready for it themselves. There's also no justification for having it 24/7.

A Local who feels sad in his own country said...

I'm drinking my lime juice schweppes while going through this blog, I arrived in London few days ago to spend my vacation, the weather kicks ass over here.

I feel sorry for all ya'll paying 4dhm for going in a straigh line for few mins haha.

The roads haven't changed since my last visit in summer 2002, why does Dubai tear up everything and start all over again ? that city is all about SCAM.

Garfunkles here I come....

Al Mulhama, The Inspired said...

Day 16 of going without Salik and not passing through it.

The comment I hate and heard mostly from Locals and Arabs (unfortunately): 'well if I have to pay for it to get a clear road then I'd be pleased to do so.'


hemlock said...

garhoud the "point" is clear. what happens as soon as you exit the bridge to take the airport / khwaneej road? if i take garhoud, i am now paying to get stuck in a jam ... previously, before salik, entry was free.

Anonymous said...

Listen: Dubai is making a lot of money out of it. Why should they change anything?

Just dont use Salik is all I can say. But one thing is for sure that they will find other ways to get more money....!!!!

A Simple Blogger said...

Are you kidding me?! Have you seen the gridlock traffic once you cross the bridge, heading towards Deira/Sharjah? It comes to a complete standstill....every evening. I agree Salik is great, but personally, I think there should be a toll on Al Ittihad Road.

secretdubai said...

the one where you falsely imply the government stones people to death?

I don't believe for a moment that you read RM's post and genuinely thought that this is what he was saying, when he was so clearly referring to blog readers: "all the readers living in Dubai".

I think you are deliberately muckraking.

And if you are not, then I think that your reading comprehension skills are too low for you to be contributing here without getting a third party to explain the post to you before you respond in such a misguided and inflammatory fashion.

It really does say something, i*maginate, when you slag off a blogger who is actually praising the government.

That's why I think you are just here to try and slag people off.

i*maginate said...

SD, you're deleting my comments coz you don't wanna hear what I have to say in response to your allegations.


samuraisam said...

i*maginate: Good news! You're banned.

I could jot down several paragraphs full of reasoning, but I know that it won’t be worth it, so here goes…

Reason: You're obviously attempting to create some sort of a rift around here by stomping your bitch-boots up and down, in light of your attempts to constantly create arguments and fill my inbox with more mundane bullshit I am removing your membership and any comments I see by you will be deleted.

samuraisam said...

PS: If you can't find 'muckraking' in your dictionary, I highly suggest you purchase a new one. Preferably one devoid of the terms 'hypocrisy' and 'ironic', because you clearly have no fucking idea what either means.

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