01 July, 2007

Shopping with Lulu

Finally, after months of anticipation, the new LuLu Hypermarket in Al Barsha opened its doors. Shame it is such a copy of the current dominant rivals, Carrefour and Geant, each a clone of the other, and both aped by the new Hyper Panda in Festival City.

Yet despite aiming at the lowest common denominator and falling short, the new Lulu does have a number of redeeming feautres. It really is worth figuring out the lunatic access route through backroad Barsha. . Continue reading and share your impressions HERE


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Seabee said...

I left a comment earlier, it appeared, now it's gone. Blogger has bugs loose at the moment I think.

What I said was that I was impressed by Lulu's fish section - lots of cold water fish such as monkfish tail, turbot, cod etc that we normally don't see here.
There was camel meat in the butcher section, again I haven't seen it in other supermarkets.
They also have spices that I haven't seen anywhere else.
I was impressed by the fact that they've fitted as many checkouts as they can in the space.
The big problem is finding your way there - you can see it but there are no signs and the entrance isn't easy to find.
But, I think I'll only go back if I need something that I can't find anywhere else.

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