16 July, 2007



I'm sorry I'm just so happy!


THREE is the score OF BRAZIL
The Extra Time was Three minutes
(as if Argentina players can score a goal every minute)
Sorry for the colors but they are my new FAV colors


UAE ALIAS said...

I'm shallow I know , don't mention it!

i*maginate said...

You're crazy. and I know it ;)

UAE ALIAS said...

Thank you i*maginate... you know lots about me and I'm serious when I say I'm so flattered by what you just said, coz I'm sooooooo damn crazy!
and I LIKE IT.

rosh said...

haha! UAE Alias :) it was a thrilling final indeed. I watched in the city, and there were many Emi's/Arabs with T-shirts which read "Fly Emirates".

UAE ALIAS said...

Yeah rosh indeed it was, did you see the 2nd goal! idiotic!!! Brazil were going to win anyways!
I surely loved the game of Argentina VS USA... VERY pathetic game!
Americans please stick to basketball just don't play with Eastern Europeans ever again.
Arabs are pathetic in Asia Cup as well!!
I wish I was a southern American football player!
OMG I'm still so thrilled by the Brazilian VICTORY, I know I'm not Brazilian & I know I'm being shallow, BUT I'M HAPPY Yupppppppppy!
The reporter of AD Sports Channel made a joke when the electrical power was cut, he said "I'm sure Ronaldino did it" hehehe you know coz Ronaldino wasn't picked to play.
I don't know why am I saying all this crap, I just know I wanted to share it and I did, yuppppy!
Hmmmm, What the hell was in that PEPSI!

UAE ALIAS said...

سامبا تيكا سامبا تيكا، دقي دقي يا مزيكا!
منو يتذكر هالأغنية؟ مال أوووول
ذكرني فيها السامبا!
ليش الناس يقولون أولييييييييييي أولي أولي أولييييييييييي لما يفوز فريق بمباراة
مو هذا أولي كريم الويه مال العيايز
أنا اخترعت شي ثاني بس ما ينفع أكتبه ما بتستوعبون الايقاع

i*maginate said...

Just to remind you uae_alias, football sucks and Madonna I mean Maradonna kicks ass.

uae_alias you suck. :)

Anonymous said...

U r right uae alias,

Brazil is very good any neutral football lover will easily be enraptured by the Samba guys! Of course the guys may not hav the looks of beckham but then looks can't score goals! Viva Brazil.

Crazy Brazil Fan

i*maginate said...

Anon can you please wake up.

"the Samba guys! Of course the guys may not hav the looks"

A guy with muscly thighs is bound to attract looks from just about anybody, especially if he's kicking balls around.

And don't you go slagging off Beckham. Looks always score goals.

Anyone care to disagree?

UAE ALIAS said...

i*maginate and anonymous
Girls Girls stop that Girls shit!
we are talking football here!
Gosh! women watching football now are becoming like men watching beauty pageants, its not the game they like, the players! ;)

UAE ALIAS said...

I'm shocked loooooool
"A guy with muscly thighs"
Go Girl Go objectify men like they do with women..
You are just adorable! :)

i*maginate said...

Somehow, I don't think anon is a girl. Usually, girls don't have opinions on football. Or do they?

You're talking football, dear, I ain't.

It's always good when muscly thighs create interest in the sport that is known as footballs.

clayfuture said...


Anonymous said...

Time to hit the gym and work on the thighs! But hey how does one display them at the malls without being indecent!?

Anonymous said...

I was your fan till now
what happened with you??

remain with your anti americans words, it is more interesting.
by the way....... Iam from Argentina... solo fue algo del cual nos podemos recuperar! el equipo de Brazil es bueno, pero el de Argentina es mejor.

redstar said...

Why is this relevant to the UAE Community blog? Why not post it in your own blog, then people who are interested in your life can choose to read your thoughts if they wish to.

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