03 July, 2007

For one blessed minute, forget Salik.

Because some things are *more* important.


Katib said...

I agree with you, Marwan! The movie was awesome! Chuck Salik aside for a moment and see the cartoons of yester-years come alive in film.

Thank you Grand Cinemas for this special screening ahead of the official release date. For once, feels good to be in Dubai!

Anonymous said...

Did they start showing it already? I called grand and they said that it isn't out yet !

moryarti said...


marwan said...

It was semi-shitty seat, I had just come from a full day of Jebel Ali heat, people in front of me had the bladder control skills of a five year old....

And yet it might have been the most pure cinematic experience of my life.

Not only does the movie rock every conceivable pore, but the Dubai crowd was totally, unimpeachably awesome. No cellphones, people shushed others from talking, and every time a new Transformer did something cool (a lot..) people hollered and cheered something fierce. The entrance of Optimus Prime just about brought the house down.

Thanks, Dubai. Thanks for making 20 years of waiting worthwhile.

hemlock said...

indeed. some things in life are just SO MUCH more important than others.

g-thing said...

So what is the big deal about this movie?

marwan said...


If the trailers utterly failed to raise your pulse, you may be clinically dead.

BuJ said...

is the seat number 24/7?

btw, this hasn't even opened here in the UK.. so like moryarti.. i hate you marwan!

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