05 July, 2007

Changing the face of online community

A new application is being developed that will integrate an instant messenger application with the Facebook. The application will display all of your friends and allow video chat, video messaging, and more. Airwaves is a combination of Adobe’s AIR (previously Apollo) and the Yahoo! Messenger Vista client.
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Anonymous said...

What's your bet that this will all be blocked as well?

ShaggyRed said...

Well technically any use of VOIP techno/software is illegal - including MSN, Yahoo!, Skype, etc. - as they've "promised" to implement their own version of the service. Notice: Voice is the key, text messages aren't part of VOIP. Webcam/video conferencing using voice (over the internet) would fall under the "NO" umbrella.

As we've seen, it only takes one poignant complaint to GN for the Site Blocked rainbow to appear over things.

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