05 July, 2007

New World

This pic has inspired me to write my latest post on my blog MAZAJY “Political Coincidents”. Walaken (but) what really impressed me about this picture is the comment by the artist who created it, here. It is just thrilling to see un“brain washed” Americans who think out of the box and who can see what the world is seeing about their regime's democracy.


Anonymous said...

I find that picture being posted here offensive, and I'm not even American. Using Nazi-style swastikas to liken the US to Hitler's reign, is not fair, I think, nor is it a good idea to post here.

clayfuture said...

You know what's wrong with this picture? NOTHING! Bush and his henchmen screw up everything and make the world a much worse place to live in. Invading Iraq coz he had visions it had WMDs?!! How many hundreds of inmates in Guantanamo bay are innocent people wasting away their lives?! The list goes on...

Anonymous said...

'UAE Publications Law Chapter 7 Article 76

No article blemishing the President of an Arab, Islamic or any other friendly state will be published. It is also prohibited to publish any material that causes agitation to relations between the UAE and other Arab, Islamic and friendly countries.'

You're in total violation!

Anonymous said...

Clayfuture, I pretty much agree with you, but the President is not the same as the flag. The flag of a country represents something much more than it's leader, and to taint and disrespect a flag like that, is offensive to the entire country. That, to me, is very different from saying the country's leader is a disgrace.

clayfuture said...

So this "publication law" also applies to blogs?

You're right. Let's not mess with the flag. Let's talk about george dubya! :P

Brn said...

When I first saw this post this morning, I was going to write something angry about the disrespect that was being shown to my country, especially after all the lectures about respecting others.

But you know what, the fact that you are posting a picture created by an American artist who is freely allowed to mock the flag without being locked up speaks for itself.

Go ahead and knock yourself out posting your juvenile thoughts. If you are really unable to distinguish the many flaws of the US from the vileness of Nazi Germany, then you are not worth talking too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good point brn

MD said...

I'm not an American but in my opinion, Americans are completely different from what Bush represents. There are a lot of good things in the West and just like how we hate Bin Laden being used to describe Islam, similarly it is unfair to stereotype every American to be a Bush.

And before we point fingers at others for deviating Muslims/Arabs, let's accept the blame that it's our people who are at fault. We're not kids after all right? We're not strong in our faith and traditions, that's why we lust after the wrongs of other cultures and end up placing blame on them. It's unfair.

UAE ALIAS said...

That picture is an American creation, I’m just referring to it… you know what I find more offensive? The picture of Abu Ghareeb, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan….
Grow up and try not to be offended by the stupid stuff like this pic, such an attitude will prevent you from seeing the truth.

@Clayfuture: Very good points !

I respect the Laws of my country, but I don’t think what I posted is offensive, you should read the other Arabic blogs whether they from UAE or other countries, man you should read what is being written and drawn about the American administration all over the Internet … Seriously why me you are angry at? The world is mocking the American Administration; I’m just posting what someone who is a part of the world and particularly from American had to say about it.

@ Brn:
Don’t take it personally, go get mad at the guys who made the pic or take it out on me! But is that going to stop ppl of mocking the American administration? In the pic there are a donkey, an elephant and a president and that Nazi flag is representing the administration’s acts not the American people, because the pic was created by one of the American people. Try to see the point of that picture, and I don’t think an American guy from the American people was trying to offend his people, read what he wrote about that picture.

@ md:
Sorry but I can’t see what you are talking about and how is it relevant to my post? I read your comment twice and I couldn’t get your point. I don’t think that every American is bush not I said so.
Seriously girl I don’t think you read what I wrote because I know you are smarter than that, but your comment sounds very clueless especially the second part very irrelevant.

BuJ said...

once a mashkaljiya, always a maskhaljiya :)

MD said...

Hala uaealias!

I wasn't referring directly to your post actually. It was more along brn's comment where he thought the pic was disrespectful. It's just my general sentiment, nothing directly targeted to you or the post, I'm sorry.

Sheikha M. said...

As an American, I can say I don't "like" the picture, but respect the artist's right to say what he wants to say about his government. This is one of the rights, we as Americans have.

One MUST look beyond the politicians. The basis that the US was founded on is one of certain rights/freedoms. Now I am not saying that it is perfect or that it always works...but it is still there in place as a fundamental right and it gives an individual, more than most countries, the opportunity to do what they feel as far as art/media/self expression is concerned. If you find the picture offensive, it is a personal choice, just as the picture was the artist's personal choice.

Clayfuture, I agree with you. But remember, the wheels of justice may turn slowly...but they are turning. Now the American public is asking questions. It has taken a few years, but the laws that protect this artist to his freedom of expression, also protect others. It will be interesting AFTER the next US election.

Again, I can't say I like the picture...but it is thought provoking, which is what art should be.

Brn said...

uae alias,

First, I need to say that I was overly harsh in my comment. I shouldn't have said that you aren't worth talking to. I apologize.

I did read what the artist wrote before I wrote my comment. I understand that he is an American. But if you think that that means that he wasn't trying to offend other Americans, then I think that you do not understand America. There is nothing wrong with that, I don't understand the UAE. For that matter, I am not always sure that I understand America, and I lived there my whole life until two years ago.

Being allowed to offend others is the very heart of free speech. I do not have the right not to be offended. The proper response to speech that one dislikes is more speech.

I still think that my point that the artist's picture is self-negating is self-evident: The Nazis were not known for letting their opponents speak out against them; they rounded up their political opponents and imprisoned and/or killed them. This artist is freely distributing his painting. QED.

I would also respectfully say that just because I disagree with you it does not mean that I am brainwashed. I'm assume that you have looked at a wide variety of sources and thought carefully about them before you came to your conclusions. Is it too much to ask that you would grant the same to me and others that you disagree with?

i*maginate said...

*Brn, not quite "on-topic" but I would just like to let you know that I admire your style of argument, attitude and approach - decent, compassionate and a few more favourable adjectives. Although I can understand you might have been offended by this post, the way you interact with bloggers (as far as I know, and I hope I won't be changing my mind!) sets an excellent example of tolerance and understanding on the UAE blogosphere, and I have much respect for your opinions because of this. I hope we can continue exchanging ideas through civilised debate.

Brn said...

thank you for your kind words i*maginate,

I know that you and I have disagreed recently too, but I really liked that you didn't take the comments I made as an attack on you personally but instead tried to rationally address the points that I raised and clarified what you were saying.

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

I never took the Nazi's to be a smiling bunch :) Having lived in the US for several years, free speech is a beautiful thing. It is a bit limited in certain areas (though not directly), but hey.. I have seen people who have maimed their own flags and sown it on their clothes, bags, etc. People would look at them and offer their opinion under their breaths.. but no one comes ready to take you to jail for whatever reason.

I would have to say that although I don't find it offensive (very little offends me), I can completely appreciate how an American would feel when non-Americans parade such pictures. "I can call myself fat, but you can't" type of thing.

I certainly used to get offended when Arabs were made fun of in the American media.. then again, Arabs make even more fun of themselves in their own movies, etc. We do find it a lot more offensive coming from an outsider, don't we?

Brn -- much respect.

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