25 July, 2007

Iraq Won!!!

I'm soooooo sooooo Very Very Happy
Iraq won against Korea in the penalties 4-3

Asia Cup 2007


nick said...

For a moment I thought they won against the USA.

Anonymous said...

May the people of Iraq succeed in their struggle against all violence in their land.

God Bless!

Almulhama said...

Thank you anonymous

and nick, Thank you.

For us Iraqis, we are proud to be united, even if it is for now only in soccer.

And truly, thank you, your sentiments can only reflect your true self.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Iraq.

Good luck too for their finals with Japan!

Anonymous said...

The joy of victory and the agony of defeat:

“A car bomb has exploded in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing at least 10 people as they celebrated the victory of their country's football team.”


Do Bi Guy said...

Dis Saudi win too? Thjey were beating Japan before I had to leave.

Anonymous said...

at last some good news ... excellent.

Lirun said...

hope it does something to lift national pride in a productive way and give some light to those suffering and some hope to those who are sticking through the tough times rather than fleeing..

BuJ said...

Mabrook.. haha.. kick their asses.. I betcha most of you watched it on a Samsung TV :P

mel lanie said...

hope iraq beat the fucking saudis!!!!!

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