13 July, 2007

Blogroll Cleanup - Updated

To clean up the blogrolls, the admins have decided to take all blogs that have not been updated since March 2007 and move them to an "Inactive" blogroll, which should be ready in a few days. The following blogs have been removed. If any of these blogs should not have been removed from the active list (i.e. the last update date is wrong), please let one of the admins know.

[Update] 16 more added at the end

Dubai bloggers' meet (Last Update: 28-01-2006)
GeorgeHopkin.com (Last Update: 18-04-2006)
Middle East Media (Last Update: 31-05-2006)
Dubai spy (Last Update: 01-06-2006)
Arsal's blog (Last Update: 07-06-2006)
Black Collar Worker (Last Update: 26-06-2006)
Right Angle (Last Update: 17-06-2006)
Stolen Dubai diary (Last Update: 02-06-2006)
Ahmed's Site Map (Last Update: 13-06-2006)
Dubai FCP users (Last Update: 23-07-2006)
At the Movies (Last Update: 27-07-2006)
The Moon? Sun? or a planet? (Last Update: 30-07-2006)
Ergo Dubai (Last Update: 17-08-2006)
Mirage Studios (Last Update: 26-08-2006)
Al-Hashr (The Gathering) (Last Update: 17-08-2006)
Mirdiff Lite (Last Update: 04-09-2006)
Life in Arabia (Last Update: 03-09-2006)
Paradoxic Dymunds (Last Update: 13-09-2006)
Red LipStick (Last Update: 26-09-2006)
Driving in Dubai (Last Update: 15-10-2006)
Kaboom Times (Last Update: 06-10-2006)
The Desert Skink (Last Update: 08-10-2006)
The Shabaab Of Emaraat (Last Update: 06-10-2006)
UAEview (Last Update: 04-10-2006)
Autoguy (Last Update: 25-10-2006)
Communicate magazine (Last Update: 10-10-2006)
Philosopher's Stoned Theories (Last Update: 14-10-2006)
Photo unit UAE (Last Update: 10-10-2006)
UAE Web of Life (Last Update: 07-10-2006)
Emirates Reuters (Last Update: 25-11-2006)
Raging Issues (Last Update: 01-11-2006)
Secret Arabian redux (Last Update: 20-11-2006)
The pickle in your shawarma (Last Update: 09-11-2006)
Career Mentoring (Last Update: 08-11-2006)
Phanchology (Last Update: 16-11-2006)
dengrousboy (Last Update: 11-11-2006)
Distant Thunder (Last Update: 09-11-2006)
Freedom (Last Update: 25-11-2006)
The Woods are Lovely (Last Update: 24-11-2006)
ultrablue552 (Last Update: 06-11-2006)
Wind Roses (Last Update: 08-11-2006)
Falsaf (Last Update: 13-11-2006)
Immigrant Diaries (Last Update: 25-11-2006)
NaNoWriMo UAE (Last Update: 29-11-2006)
Fresh Dubai (Last Update: 02-12-2006)
GulfPearl (Last Update: 28-12-2006)
Thirteen in Dubai (Last Update: 20-12-2006)
Yin Shui Si Yuan (Last Update: 06-12-2006)
Your man in Al Ain (Last Update: 07-12-2006)
Dubai Rent & Property Info (Last Update: 08-12-2006)
Postcards from a Wanderer (Last Update: 26-12-2006)
Shedding Kommissars (Last Update: 08-12-2006)
Sand in my pants (Last Update: 17-12-2006)
Freneza Arabulo (Last Update: 15-12-2006)
Freneza Arabulo (Esperanto) (Last Update: 15-12-2006)
Muslim women writing (Last Update: 02-12-2006)
Dubai Mist (Last Update: 06-01-2007)
Pulling the puzzles apart (Last Update: 27-01-2007)
Abu Dhabi Sunshine (Last Update: 29-01-2007)
Balushi (Last Update: 15-01-2007)
Jobless and Broke in UAE (Last Update: 21-01-2007)
Matt in Dubai (Last Update: 27-01-2007)
Dubai Magic (Last Update: 20-02-2007)
I Think; Therefore I am (Last Update: 19-02-2007)
MAG 218 Community (Last Update: 02-02-2007)
Mediasans (Last Update: 25-02-2007)
Roundabout Dubai (Last Update: 05-02-2007)
DM Blog (Dubai Marina) (Last Update: 12-02-2007)
De Grouchy Owl (Last Update: 28-02-2007)
Der Kommissar (Last Update: 13-02-2007)
Desert Pundit (Last Update: 10-02-2007)
Driving in Dubai (Last Update: 04-02-2007)
Dubai Dating Chronicles (Last Update: 12-02-2007)
Eyes of Dubai (Last Update: 12-02-2007)
Hiya's Choices (Last Update: 16-02-2007)
Introverted bliss (Last Update: 26-02-2007)
Kismet 101 (Last Update: 14-02-2007)
Ravings of an AUSian (Last Update: 20-02-2007)
Roundabout Dubai (Last Update: 05-02-2007)
Sophia Farag (Last Update: 15-02-2007)
Why, Dubai? (Last Update: 21-02-2007)
Absolute Lee (Last Update: 18-03-2007)
Blinging Dubai (Last Update: 27-03-2007)
DG Diary (Last Update: 20-03-2007)
Emarati Nickel & Dime (Last Update: 11-03-2007)
Everyday Dubai (Last Update: 15-03-2007)
The Desert Mirage (Last Update: 22-03-2007)
A Blessing in Tragedy (Last Update: 24-03-2007)
A Girl in the Pamirs (Last Update: 11-03-2007)
Bdwai (Last Update: 10-03-2007)
Dubai'en Chic (Last Update: 09-03-2007)
Lost in Translation (Last Update: 30-03-2007)
Midnight Siesta (Last Update: 31-03-2007)
Momentary Musings (Last Update: 24-03-2007)
Viva Las Dubai (Last Update: 17-03-2007)
Kalam Wa Kalimat (Last Update: 11-03-2007)
Rediscover Quran - Do You Really Know This Book ? (Last Update: 24-03-2007)
Arabic UAE community (Last Update: 15-03-2007)
ORB-UAE Creative Club (Last Update: 25-03-2007)

[Added at 9:30]

The Noisy American Last Update: 1-1-2007
Online Forex tips Last Update: 12-10-2006
Dune Bashing Last Update: 1-6-2006
Dubai42 Last Update: 17-10-2006
Metroblogging Abu Dhabi Last Update: 20-4-2006
Gridskipper: Abu Dhabi Last Update: 2-2-2007
jamshaid Last Update: 22-6-2007
Healthy Food UAE Last Update: 23-12-2006
Dubai Diary Last Update: 2-3-2007
Garmoosha Last Update: 23-2-2006
Within The Psychosphere Last Update: 24-3-2007
Amiri.info Last Update: 30-1-2007
Middle Eastern expats Last Update: 30-1-2007
Dhabyani Last Update: 5-11-2006
Sharjah Diva Last Update: 5-3-2007
Godolphin Last Update: 6-7-2006


Dubai Entrepreneur said...

Any particular reason why no one wants to add my blog to the blogroll? I have put in a request for it in the post designated for that purpose.

Dubai Entrepreneur

secretdubai said...

Sorry - I must have missed your blog, when did you send the request? It's a great blog as well.

Anyway I will put it on now. Drop me an email if you want membership here and don't have it yet.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for cleanup,
because it reduce time to load pages, please do it in regular basis

Brn said...

Thank you anonymous.

We just got a script that will check the last update time of all the Blogspot blogs, which makes this task much easier. Before that, such a clean up required checking 300+ blogs, which is why it was so infrequently done. So it should be done on a more scheduled basis.

i*maginate said...

Yeah brn, thanks for your time in doing this.

It must have taken ages to write this post too, I guess!

I've checked some of the blogs and it's a shame some are inactive because they're quite interesting...

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

I posted on 02 July, 2007 22:08 (here: http://uaecommunity.blogspot.com/2005/12/want-to-be-on-blogroll-or-member-here.html)

Anyway, thanks for adding it!

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare removing my blog. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I am going to find you and ..........................you!!!!!

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