07 July, 2007

Welcome the Moral Police!

Not that Etisalat a.k.a TRA wasn't enough with its moral police doing the unnecessary rounds to ban access to all websites possible, but now Gulf News has joined them. Under the headline "Gulf News IT department is watching you", we now have one more reason to be scared.

Some people will do anything to get their point across. The Gulf News IT department got an alert that one person from Abu Dhabi is trying to rig the poll results.

The question was whether Gulf News was right in highlighting the issue of adult content on orkut.com? Despite precautions taken against such rigging, people seem to go to extreme lengths to sway the votes.

I never knew the people or the government gave so much of a damn to Gulf News' online polls. Not that KT's narcissism wasn't enough, we have yet another one joining the league.

Source: http://gulfnews.com/nation/News_In_Brief/10137572.html


The Stranger said...

Moral Police? Where can I sign up?

alicia said...

i thought it was particularly hilarious considering that it could very much be that the 44 per cent that voted that GN was doing the right thing could be possibly rigged too...but what really got my attention was the Big Brother headline...excuse me while I go change my pants, i might have just wet them in fear...

rosh said...

GN takes the phrase "pathetic" to a whole new level. Keep watching clowns!

Is it even legal for them to be doing so - plus no body's asked them to do so?

Perhaps they should focus on fair and unedited journalism - will do much good.

Jay said...

It's UAE, everything's legal if you can put the right spin on it

i*maginate said...

*TS = lol ;)

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing that du doesn't use proxy, anyone in the new Dubai area should be lucky enough to have such an isp.

I hope sheikh Mohd gives us the freedom with du, whenever they offer broadband service all over Dubai.

Down with etisalat.

hemlock said...

"As reported in Gulf News in recent days, some wanted Orkut banned because they feared people were using the site to find sexual partners"

arent these "sexual partners" found on SZR and / or zinc?
who wanted orkut banned anyways? the ones getting rejected on orkut too? a case of sour grapes perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Yeah..that's right.Only the 'rejected' ones who've got no old or new frnds on Orkut must have complained.
And the ones who say it's not good for their teenager children-guys u should cut ur internet connection completely..or u need to watch them more bcoz Orkut WAS not the beginning and IS not the end to porn stuff.What else do u want to get banned-TV,mobiles ?
If it comes to Morals,can u eradicate prostitution from UAE??

Anonymous said...

I dare etisalat/tra to block dubailook.com

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