05 July, 2007

The Region's First CSR & Sustainability Report!


"Though perhaps the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) may be relatively new to the region, it is far from foreign to the integral way of life in civil societies. The concept, through basic principles is deeply woven in the thread of a society’s history, culture and religion

Therefore, for an organisation to develop an alignment of such activities and endeavours and be able to maintain a relative norm in the socially responsible manner that it would conduct itself as a responsible corporate citizen, it is therefore only natural to have a neutral body that would guide and assist in this process.

Through its dedicated team, the
Dubai Centre for Corporate Values has developed methodologies and processes for such accomplishments. A plan and program for an implementation is what the centre would assist in, including raising awareness and knowledge building as well as the development of CSR strategies.

Therefore, aiding in integrating such principles within the business activities of companies across the region is what the
Dubai Centre for Corporate Values is committed to."
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Download a copy in Arabic and/or English here


rosh said...

Yes finally! I think CSR is most needed in the UAE just given the growth, globalization etc all.

There is much need for transparency - and added transparency/accountability brings much investor confidence into the nation.

Hence as a CSR devote - may I say, yoohooo!


Anonymous said...

Quoted below from last paragraph of CSR & Islam word document:

'These four criteria, ethics, environment, quality, and employee treatment, are exactly those, which were mentioned in the study mentioned above. So lets encourage MENA local companies to engage in the general international trend of voluntary CSR initiative; and invite foreign companies operating in Muslim countries to think about how Islam can influence the environment they operate in, and to acknowledge it in their CSR initiatives.'

With all due respect to Islam, I’d say the best way forward is to do it the other way around. Let local companies see how the four criteria, cited above, are followed in the West and then implement them at home.

BuJ said...

Very interesting :->

Lirun said...

all i can say is that it is a geat development in its own right.. but - keep in mind that depending on the way the administration of the requirements is structured - encumbents may vary in approach between box ticking and genuine adherence..

i hope the latter prevails..

Dubai Entrepreneur said...


CSR is nothing but a marketing tool. It works well in countries with elaborate tax systems where you can spend your money doing activities that will get you some marketing juice.

I am not so sure it is going to work here very well. Especially in a country that has heavy taxes that are embedded in hidden costs.

Lirun said...


what about the profile rasing that it may cause for associated issues..

because even if it fails.. they will then at some later point need to discuss the circumstances of its failure and "owe" an approval to the community..


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