15 July, 2007

Hi everyone

hey everyone...iam new here..feels like i just got into a new country and a new life..well actually i was born and brought up here but only for a short while..until my 5th grade..did the rest of my schooling and college in india..anyways iam back here now..dont know wat its abt this place that attracts me like a honeypot attracts a bunch of flies..maybe its the people and the quality of life here..i always wanted to come back here one day and work till i get fed up..
thats all i want 2 say for this post..will b back soon..wrote this from my office computer:)being a monday,everyone is just trickling into work...sayonara and b back soon..


Brn said...

Hi redknight,

I changed your font color to black. According to the posting guidelines, you should "try to keep the formatting of posts similar to others (this is especially with regard to the fonts used)".

secretdubai said...

Welcome rednight83!

Please note that we also expect posts to written properly. You went to school and college, so you know how to write properly and not txt spk. We are not about jumping on every typo/spelling error (god knows I make enough!) but "to" not "2", "I" not "i" and so on.

fellow atheist said...

Aside from this being a pointless post, I would like to point out that today is Sunday and not Monday. And yes, having had an education is you have yourself pointed out obliges you to at the very least try to write like someone who did receive such an education.

The Stranger said...

Obviously, it's the people that attracted you here.
Look at those beautiful welcoming comments above.
Gorgeous manners!

fellow atheist said...

the stranger,

Yup. We are a friendly bunch. Looking back at my comment, the last sentence (or is it?) hardly makes any sense. It's always fun to point out someone's horrible use of a language when you massacre it yourself. I am talking about myself here!

I know what brought me here. Greed.

marwan said...

"...we also expect posts to (?) written properly." - SecretDubai

Watch and learn from the best, RedKnight83!

Also, howdy.

Brn said...

And I forgot to say welcome as well. Sorry about that.


The Stranger said...

Perhaps we'd all have a laugh if we saw the "Impotence of proofreading" video on youtube.

i*maginate said...

Come on y'all, must one really pick on "language issues" when reading another's post? I admit it used to annoy me in the past, but when you look at the bigger picture, some people haven't been taught proper English, yet they start a blog attempting to use whatever knowledge they have of the language.

I assume the writer of this post didn't intend to write like that, maybe they know no better. Perhaps their English will improve with time, perhaps not.

Just because somebody went to school or college doesn't mean their English will be good, and I don't think it's encouraging further improvement of their skills after being told off for the lack of them!

I would say if you admins have seen that specific bloggers have proven their "command" of the language in previous posts and then go on "2 post sumthing in txt spk", it's only fair to expect them to write properly the next time.

And lastly, welcome redknight83. I am sure your English will certainly improve in Dubai lol

Dubeye Watch said...

Imaginate -> I am sure your English will certainly improve in Dubai lol

Is that supposed to be humorous? Whatever happened to your self-imposed & righteous responsibility of defending Dubai? This statement of yours is a pure hint of disillusionment!

secretdubai said...

This isn't about languages issues, this is about choosing to write English in a certain way that I personally - and perhaps I am rather old-fashioned and out of touch - find rather lazy/immature in appearance.

And since I doubt very much the writer is actually lazy or immature, given they are a graduate who has made the effort to join this community, I don't feel it represents the writer in a very good light. It's really a question of style and personal taste, but I don't think there is any benefit to writing this way, and it is actually an irritant to certain people.

As you can see from above, I make myriad typos myself, and would never claim to be perfect ;) But I do try to spell and punctuate and use capital letters where appropriate. Apart from anything else, I think English is more legible this way.

rosh said...

Welcome to the Community & the UAE redknight83. The folks here are just extending their welcome & 2 fils of advice, though I may have to agree with some of SD's sentiments :)

Personally some well written blogs I frequently vist (to name a few) are that of SD, i*maginate, Sam, Sex & Dubai and Brn. I am sure you shall enjoy blogging with the community.

Anonymous said...

Better you read the book Dubai The Maktoum Story by Canadian John M. Smith.

Not a true story???? Ha, ha.... Just wondering why you dont get it here in the UAE???????

i*maginate said...

Even a poorly written post can spark debate.

It's neither "old-fashioned" nor "out of touch" to expect good English. But not all of us are blessed with a good education to teach us so. However irritating it may be, you're effectively telling this person to shut up because you don't like their way of writing, because their English sucks.

Again, I don't think this was the intention of the writer. If they had known better, they would have made it known.

Seabee said...

rednight, hello & welcome.

i*maginate it isn't about proficiency in the English language but about the laziness of using texting abbreviation and lack of grammar in a non-texting forum.
Using it on SMS for speed and cost is fine, but I agree with the others - it shouldn't be used anywhere else.

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