17 July, 2007

iPhone wasn't existed in a vacuum.

Unlocking the iPhone by John C. Dvorak: here

"Interestingly, none of the American reviews of the iPhone bothered to mention the Neonode, discussing the iPhone as if it existed in a vacuum. I've had a touch-screen-based Neonode for over two years. So there's really nothing new to the idea. The Neonode also incorporates a slew of gesture commands into the screen, so you can navigate on less space."

So Apple wasn't really creative they just found the right ally:
What was Apple thinking when it signed on with AT&T? I am completely baffled by this relationship. Was Apple insecure about the phone and thought that it would sell zero copies if there was no partner?"

Neonode were un-smart or un-devilish
"When I first heard about this phone, I equated it with the pricey Neonode touch-screen phone from Sweden. I have one of these phones, and it has many similarities to the Apple iPhone. But Neonode never intended to make any deals with the devil."

Myself I think Apple creating an amazing phone but what they did better than the phone was the marketing. YET its not a revoultionary phone, because there is a poor marketed amazing phone which is 2 years older than the iPhone that already encompasses most of the iPhone charachteristics.


EmiratesMac said...

So grumpy Dvorak complains about AT&T, as does most other people, but there's no AT&T in the Middle East, so how is that even relevant for us?

If you think Neonode should be getting more exposure in comparisons with iPhone, that may be a fair point. I'd be interested to hear more about how Neonode "encompasses most of the iPhone characteristics".

macman said...

Well, neonode has been around for a few years and attracted very little attention. Lovely little thing, but nothing near iPhone, coz you don't wanna watch videos on a screen the size of your thumbnail. But not any longer, coz Apple's got a challenger now! All the features of iPhone, at a fraction of the price!

See: http://www.itechnews.net/2007/05/25/cect-p168-iphone-clone/

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