01 July, 2007

Salik, Aalik, Halik

Salik, in Arabic meaning smooth flowing

Aalik, in Arabic meaning stuck

Halik, in Arabic meaning doomed

Is it appropriate, yes for a place with a complete transportation system in place, where most use public transport, where there is no congestion on alternative routes, where there are appropriate tolls on all other major arteries creating zoning areas.

So where does the money go?If you don't pay and get fined, does that relate to your car registration?

I guess then there will be no WASTA for all who will pass, forget to pay, not want to pay etc...right?

Sorry but it's the wrong time to implement such a system in the wrong place.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we can find all the answers if ever, we come to know objective behind the whole circus.
May Almighty give wisdom the "experts"

Poochie said...

I a living in the Greens. First day of Salik and nothing moved. My way to work increased by 1 hour!!! per way! i am shocked. The Greens is totally gridlocked, the WHOLE DAY. I am happy to pay for free roads, unfortunately my way to work takes me NOT through the congestion zone (as per Salik definition) but through the REAL congestion zone which is now all around the greens. Getting in and out was already very bad during rush hour, now it is a nightmare.

Sad, very sad.


Seabee said...

poochie, it was the same in Al Sufouh Road all around Media City.

The chaos was predicted by just about everone except the RTA, who insisted it was going to help traffic flow.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why they name it salik?, if they're going to make it in all dubai entrances they can just say a "charge for enter dubai" the paradise of high rent and traffic and No parking space :D
or best name is "Gaip Halik",
"Gaip" means pocket

Anonymous said...

We flew in to Dubai airport this evening. We had booked a taxi before we even left about a week ago to come pick us up when we landed. The taxi was over one hour late getting there, and blamed Salik. The road he was supposed to take to get around Salik was too backed up (don't know which road that was) so he ended up going through one of the toll gates, earning him a nice fine, I'm sure, since he said the taxi company had not got Salik tags for all their vehicles yet, and his taxi was one of the ones still without one.

MD said...

I hate their slogan: 'So smooth, so Salik'!

BuJ said...

i reckon they should have chosen a name for the toll system AFTER testing it out..

MD said...

Today's Emirates News (Dubai One) bulletin praised Salik non-stop and how it has eased traffic on SZR and Garhoud. Maybe, just maybe, they should have practised what they might have been taught in CommonMediaKnowledge101 and tried to show the other side--Maktoum Bridge, the Greens and Jumeirah roads and then left it to the viewer to assess their opinion on Salik.

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