03 June, 2007

Class-Action Firms Extend Reach to Global Rights Cases

"I'd like to thank the nice man who bought me from my parents for being so concerned about me as to provide me with a safety helmet..."

From today's NEW YORK TIMES:
The plaintiffs are thousands of boys from South Asia and Africa who say they were abducted, enslaved and forced to ride racing camels to entertain the rich in the Middle East. The defendants live in the United Arab Emirates.

But the case is pending in Miami, and the jockeys are represented not by human rights groups but by Motley Rice, a leading contingency-fee class-action firm based in South Carolina known for its work in tobacco, asbestos and other domestic injury cases.

The class-action bar is going global. Until recently, international human rights cases in American courts were brought mainly by public interest lawyers more interested in calling attention to abuses and in establishing universal legal standards than in a potential payday.
I'm not a big fan of frivolous lawsuits, but this is actually a pretty cool idea -- make countries that want to be part of a larger world economy financially responsible for the abuse of human rights within their borders.


Almehairi said...

good post.

Emarati Nickel & Dime said...

A friend and I volunteered at the social center these children were living in while their families were being located. It was the most heart-breaking experience I've ever had my entire life. I remember one time we decided to buy everyone presents for Eid. And after we walked in with all these colorful toys in tow, a young boy (must've been 4 or 5) walked up to me and began tugging at my jeans. So I sat down and he said into my ear, "are you my baba?". I just cried all the way home and to this day I haven't been able to sift through my feelings and find exactly what to feel.

Some were lucky enough to fly back home and be with their families but many still haven't found their home. And all this while we erect buildings in the desert and nightclubs in hotels that are labeled wonders of the world and the likes of Paris Hilton continue to make headlines in our world.

bajilla said...

i hear she wants to come to dubai!!

Anonymous said...

@ Emarati Nickel & Dime

You are a Good person!
May Allah bless all those who are trying to these poor helpless children. I hope someone will help the labourer too someday!

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