04 June, 2007

Paying Du Bills

Ok, so here it goes, for the past 2 months I have had a wonderful adventure, it's called Du. I really really really tried to be supportive to this new network, I really really really tried to appreciate their teething problems that arise due its new existence, I really really do appreciate that those poor guys and gals in the customer care centre are working with NOTHING! They will try and help you but they have no rights to the following:
  • to reactiviate your account
  • reset your password
  • reset your username
  • tell you what your code is

As for Du, well I read the welcome package I was sold the number and was provided with thousands of locations to pay for this number of mine, but alas when the time came to make a payment in person, there existed only four in payment points in Dubai.

  • Al Ghurair Centre (do people still go there?)
  • Jumeira Plaza (was under construction)
  • Al Khaleej Center (supposedly in deira)
  • I think Ibn Battuta

So I thought ok let me try the only method since I am not passing by any of those places any time soon. I go to register online and receive a code (which I'll call the code) which one assumes it is a one time registration code that you don't need to remember 'cause you'll register your own password and user name.

right?.... read on here


EnglishTeacher365 said...

Ah, give it all a miss and buy yourself some flags for doing semaphore signals. I'm sure it'll be a lot less hassle!!

Almehairi said...

Its new network you expect some hassle and you really really got to be patient. I haven't experience DU yet but I believe they must be doing their best to satify everyone. the best way is to suggest to them and try to support the company.


fellow atheist said...

Al Mulhama,

I couldn't agree more. When Du launched, I was very excited to sign on. Not because I hated etisalat (although I do have my beef with them), but because it was Dubai and I wanted to have the illusion of supporting everything that is Dubai.. to have a false sense of belonging. Yes, false, because we're all here temporarily and no one wants us here forever.

Anyway, so I signed up. Gave them my papers.. they said they wanted a salary certificate. I explained that I am self-employed and provided them with a trade license. No sir. Yes sir. After a struggle they accepted. A few weeks later I was harassed by a series of umpteen calls about my salary certificate. Apparently free zone licenses are not recognized by Du. I wonder how they feel about my company paying them for their services, since their official acquisition of TECOM's telcom services.

In any case, it went on. Then my first bill came, for the whopping amount of dhs. 23. Now keep in mind that there is no way in hell am I going to drive through traffic to one of their "du shops" to pay 23 dirhams!

The second bill still wasn't due before they decided to bar my outgoing calls. Problem? They said I have exceeded my credit limit! Keep in mind that I have never had that happen with Etisalat.

Of course I did go and pay. By the way, Al Khaleej Center is in Bur Dubai (next to the Jumbo showroom) opposite Al Ain Plaza (aka Computer Centre) on Al Mankhool Road.

Du's service is at best disappointing, their client servicing is horrid (to be fair, the people working there _are_ working with their hands tied behind their backs).

I already switched back to etisalat, which, when compared to international standards (US, UK, Europe, etc.), actually offers decent services.

Almulhama said...

I was thinking actually of boycotting all technology. As for support (almehairi) TRUST ME or not, I am very patient with du especially since we are "family" so imagine if you will the amount of patience extended.... I haven't mentioned a lot of other things... Oh and bear in mind that they have been... oh bother.... Forget it!! you will defend it without experiencing the frustration nor having any background which is probably where my frustrstion comes from, knowing other things.

I also very much agree with fellow aetheist in that those poor customer care employees do work with nearly nothing, their training seems minimal and they do their utmost best with whatever technical manual they do have.

The funny thing is I remember that Al Khaleej Centre is in Bur Dubai, exactly facing Al Ain Centre & Spinneys, but it was interesting to hear them adamantly advise me that it was in Deira.

btw, how many pages long was your 23 AED bill?

Stained said...

customer care...hmm...
I think a few of them were college students who were doing a part time job earning a waaeeay higher salary then they deserved & were a bunch of baboons....atleast the ones I knew were working....

Many people are shifting to DU for there Cheap call rate...But they still seem to have terrible reception...& about the bill payment in AL ghurair...this post by me a couple of days back says it all http://everchanginglanes.blogspot.com/2007/05/du.html

Freelance Website Design said...

I'm not pleased myself, but as almehairi says, there will no doubt be improvements and they probably value your opinion / feedback.

MD said...

They need to focus more on the technical aspects instead of wasting money on really long (expensively-made) adverts to promote...an instant credit notification.

Grumpy Goat said...

I have given up on du for the time being, and reverted to Itisalot.

The reason? Persistent failure to provide the services that were advertised and for which I had paid:-

*Phone signal coverage flaky at best;
*Unreliable, slow and haphazard voice mail;
*Non-existent international roaming;
*Inability to organise on-line account recharge.

I am forced to conclude that du imagined that they could produce any level of service, and would easily surpass Itisalot's efforts. Sadly, having set such a low standard, du then failed to achieve it.

"It's a new company" is an excuse that gets very old very fast.

fellow atheist said...

grumpy goat,

Agreed (especially on the 'new company' excuse). It is no secret that du were forced to launch before being ready to do so. However, they appear to grossly underestimate the level of service etisalat has been providing. They also think people will stick with them despite their inability to deliver.

I also think that they really are over-spending on the advertising side of things instead of fixing real issues. There is no point in advertising, letting people know about you.. come to you so you can fail them. That's a lot more money lost.

To put it eloquently -- whoever is calling a shot is an idiot.

nzm said...

MAybe it's all a plot to make Itisalot look good when compared to du? :-)

Anonymous said...

How long do you go on allowing them the "they're new" excuse? They had time to prepare properly before launching (which was mightily delayed so they got even more time) and they've had time since the launch. If they're still bad in 5 years, will we still say "give them a break, they're new"? ;-) A bit of growing pains, okay, but sounds like they're having serious fundamental problems that should have been sorted out earlier. Sad to say, I never expected much from Du and they seem to have delivered on that.

Buddy dela Cruz said...

They are new network they said, I think that's not an excused becaused all the technology for running a telecom company are available they need to implement only... Signal maybe poor but for other services????

By the way I turn down my DU no. becaused of poor services they providing...

Woke said...

Wow..Dubai is changing...Now there are Etisalat fans out there,hmmm..

Anonymous said...

DU post paid customer must know that their services can be pulled out with any warning if you have crossed your billing limit of AED 1000. This can even happen on a holiday or even on friday (as in my case). Friends with DU roaming services or those who need lifeline mobile communication must take seruious note as their line may be dead when it is needed the most. Du customer care is pathetic. They keep saying sorry and no one even bothers to listen.....Thankyou Etisalat you had been true partner and I have enjoyed growing up with you without such issues. Oh my nightmarish friday with DU

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