29 June, 2007

Sobering Thought

I am housesitting for a friend in Sharjah. Yesterday, I was leaving Saharah Mall in a taxi,
there was a huge commotion on the main road next to the mall. A man made the terrible choice of trying to cross the road and was killed. The ambulance was parked in the fast lane, his body was laying there on the road, covered with a crumpled blue blanket. Only his feet were showing.

The man who killed him, an Emirati, had such a look of anguish on his face, it was heartbreaking. The dead man had made a choice which set off a chain of events, ending in his demise. The lives of the man who killed him and maybe others who saw this happen or are left behind have been forever changed.

This man died tragically, alone and away from home. It would be comforting to think that somewhere in India or Pakistan, there is a family who cares about this man, but maybe that is wishful thinking. Perhaps he was someone's father, for certain at some point in time, he was someone's son. Most likely he was here to try and earn money to help his family have a better life.

So today when you bitch about the weather, the traffic, your job, Salik, why things should be different (I know I do!) consider this. If you are reading this post, today you are alive.

Today you have choices. Choose wisely.

At the end, we all become nothing more than a body beneath a crumpled blanket. The difference is the choices we make.


Anonymous said...

Don’ t think, that street crossing man made a choice when he got deadly injured. Accident happened because of kismet, more or less thoughtlessness of traffic participants and the purposive political decision of major society to accept the risks of modern car traffic cause society valuates motor fun and all benefits of motorized mobility higher than an acceptable number of casualties a year . . . . . . . we should face our all responsibility without bigotry . . . . . . . drive slower and more carefully in consequence and accept severe punishment for driving too fast . . . . . . two lashes for each mile of exceeding the speed limit (especially for testosterone fuddled muchomachos) would help efficiently in making streets more secure . . . . . and indeed lashes for road hogs and dozy drivers would be much more reasonable than in matters of private and inoffensive love affairs . . .

B.D. said...

Let's blame the municipality too, for not constructing more (many more) pedestrian road crossings.

A world of Symphony said...

'So today when you bitch about the weather, the traffic, your job, Salik, why things should be different (I know I do!) consider this. If you are reading this post, today you are alive.'


I wouldn't have said it in a way, more finer, than you just did!

fellow atheist said...

Blame the guy for crossing a street that he shouldn't have. Jeez. When do people want to start taking ownership of their own mistakes?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding us all to be thankful for what we have, and reminding us of the humanity around us who live a life much less fortunate than our own. We read of workers being killed when crossing the road and rarely if ever allow ourselves to imagine exactly what happened. Perhaps I am especially moved by your thoughtful piece because recently when I stopped for a pedestrian at a crosswalk, another driver sped by me and hit him. Miraculously the pedestrian was not seriously injured, but I couldn't help but think what would have happened if he had been killed, and the series of implications which you described.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is the poor fellow fault. But then it an accepted fact that this place is the most dangerous place for pedestrians. I hope the new areas being developed are more pedestrian friendly. Perhaps the old city planners never thouht that in such an affluent society people will ever have to walk!
Perhaps the tunnel digging equipment used for the metro can be used to make lots more underpasses where needed.

i*maginate said...

fellow atheist, surprisingly we share the same opinion on this post.

to the writer of this post, i do agree with your "end lesson", however, it's a little pathetic to base the lesson on one isolated personal experience you had. If you wanna preach, at least be fair and consider there is a world other than that outside sahara mall, where this guy had the misfortune of being killed. He didn't follow the rules, and he died. Put yourself in the shoes of the poor guy who might NOT have been speeding, and been within the speed limits, and suddenly this guy flings himself in front of his car. Who's fault is that? Legally, the driver is to blame - put put yourself in his shoes. I wonder how HE is coping? Maybe he is the one you also attribute the same thoughts to when you say "...someone's father... someone's son."

Perhaps you would also care to think about the other cases of suffering around the world, such as starving people in Africa, and innocent civilians being killed in wars.

If you celebrate life when you think of others' deaths, well I wouldn't want to live in your head, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

my sympathies to the victim of the accident, but don't forget that there are ppl dropping like flies every single moment. A snap of your finger, and a person dies in Africa. No cars, no crossings, no anguish, no despair. No one cares.
So help when you can, donate, educate.

i*maginate said...

anonymous 1st July, I agree.

i*maginate said...

anonymous 1st July, I agree.

Philolathes said...

i*maginate, class-act! I suggest you re-read the post. The poster isn't placing blame on anyone but rather highlighting the fact that how quickly your life can end and in turn "preaching" (as you so eloquently put) on about cherishing life and being thankful for the little blessings.

So, the pedestrian didn't follow the rules, you say... And what rule is that exactly? Have you ever been to Sahara Mall. I'm guessing not because then you obviously won't be spewing hate left, right and center. Here's a little tidbit for you: THERE IS NO PEDESTRIAN CROSSING ANYWHERE IN THE AREA! So, may be the poor chap ought to walk all the way up to the Troy University roundabout and get sliced up in half there. Right!

Everytime you write, you are a breath away from being a symptom of wussy PC through and through if ever there was one.

Anonymous said...

Actully all blame should go to SHJ road dept. who miserably failed to built even one pedestrian crossing on that long stretch of road..residents of that area has no choice but to cross the road braveing the incoming traffic!!

Sans said...

Choice - what a wonderful concept.
Between Coke and Pepsi?

To the poor, this is a choice-less world.

Lirun said...

wondering.. i posted a comment yesterday.. can someone please let me know if it was removed.. i would really appreciate it..

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