23 June, 2007

New Troll on the Block

I don't know who this gentlemen is, but he left a comment on my blog and I thought I should share it with you:

SEYED ALI SEYED MAHMOUD has left a new comment on your post "Salik":
i hereby write to reiterate my support for the RTA and its glorious leadership.
we need tolls to weed out unproductive white trash scum from our streets.
go back to london and tread on your dog shit.
there's a third salik coming up by the trade centre.
leave you suckers and GET SOME!

Nice eh?


Seabee said...

Intelligent comments adding to the sum of human kowledge are always welcome, eh Keefieboy.

BuJ said...

Oh, Keefie, don't take these things seriously.. He must have taken a 5-min fag-break from his adult education class and wanted to practice what he was just taught.

Anonymous said...

ok., how about this one:

Anonymous said...


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