23 June, 2007

Jebel Ali Fire

Somewhere between ca. 12.30 and 1.15pm today, there was a fire in the Jebel Ali area (behind Jebel Ali Village) that lasted no more than about 10 minutes, the smoke quite heavy.

Anybody have any news/details on this?


Keefieboy said...

I saw that. It was beside the link road from Jebel Ali Port to Emirates Road. Don't know what it ws though.

nick said...

OH NOoo!! The fire must have destroyed the historic wonder of Jebel Ali! What a loss for Dubai!

secret historical cave

i*maginate said...

keefieboy, thanks for the comment. Had no idea where it was coming from, I had thought it was in a residential area..

nick, surprise surprise, that you mention a link to SD's blog on a mystery cave! Kind of tasteless, seeing as this is a post about a fire, and people could have been hurt!

nick said...

Miss! I won't do it again, I swear!

i*maginate said...

?! OK, since you asked so nicely...

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