19 June, 2007

Not so Salik

This Salik thing is getting highly irritating. The RTA guys keep changing their words. Now they say that Salik is on a trial basis and Al Tayer said currently there are no plans to increase the number of toll gates.

I also find this unfair:

Al Tayer said that tourists who visit Dubai even for one day and plan to use the road with the Salik toll gates will have pay Dh100 for the tag.

He said if a car breaks down and is moved by a tow truck through the gates, fees will be charged for both vehicles.

I got my Salik card today. Just a note for those who are still to buy theirs. If the car is under your name, you just need a copy of the Car Registration Card (both sides). If the car is under a company name, you also need a copy of the Trade License alongwith the Car Registration Card. You fill out a form with basic details (Name, Date of Birth, Mobile numbers etc). One Salik account can be used for ten cars, so you don't need many individual account numbers if the car owner is the same.

I also got it clarified that Salik sticker cannot be stuck on car tints. So what happens to those super-tinted cars?

PS: For some reason, I can't use the hyperlink option, so I'm just going to paste the direct link. Here is the source: http://www.gulfnews.com/nation/Traffic_and_Transport/10133426.html


samuraisam said...

Sorry, but commenting must be enabled.

As for "I also got it clarified that Salik sticker cannot be stuck on car tints."
That isn't necessarily true. The salik system uses RFID, so the whole concept of the system taking a 'picture' of the car has been BS from day 1. If the system reads the RFID tag (wireless technology), then why would it need to take a picture? Anyhow, even if it is based upon imagery, all tinted people need to do is cut away a square where they can stick the tag, but if the RTA was actually serious about improving traffic they would've enforced the ban on tint long, long ago.

Grumpy Goat said...

The RFID system requires that Salik can see the tag - electronically. It can't see through V-Kool tint, for example; even the clear stuff. Anyone with a GPS on the dashboard and a V-Kooled windscreen will have discovered that the GPS can't see the satellites because the tint blocks EM radiation.

As for the pictures, well that delight is reserved for vehicles that are detected but that don't have a (visible) tag. Click! That'll be Dh100 please.

trailingspouse said...

Does anyone know if RFID will "see" through a heated windshield (ie one with electrical filaments running through it)?

We brought our car over from Canada last year and I don't fancy having to buy a whole new windshield just so I can use this damn tag.

V86ers said...

I bought my Salik card over a week ago and still no SMS confirming the registration. Anybody else with the same problem?

MD said...

Sam: I was going to mention this but SD has already made a post on it: the comment was disabled by default. I'll double-check the settings next time.

As for the tints, it says in the article on GN that Salik won't work through the tint. But I am assuming that grumpy goat is right. RTA wants to cover the cost of the road works and those huge-ass toll gates it has forcefully implemented--they don't give a damn about anyone's lives.

v86ers: I bought mine yesterday and still no confirmation. Or are we over-estimating RTA by expecting a hassle-free registration for this stupid Salik. Of course, it will always be OUR fault if they don't activate the card or if somehow the toll gates don't detect our sticker even though it's present. I wish they'd show some good, prompt service, just how they expect the public to always show 'subbort' to their 'brojects'.

Harsha said...

umm yea.. you need to remove the tint to put the sticker.. cutting out the exact portion would be a tough job.

samuraisam said...

MD: there was a problem with the default settings, it should work properly now.

harsha: I can't imagine it being very difficult to remove; people do it to their side windows so they can see their side mirrors better.

Grumpy Goat said...

At least one of the window-tint companies (SolarGard, since you ask) is offering a "come to our workshop and we'll fix your imbeSalik sticker for you" service.

bonk said...

Even heavily tinted cars don't usually have tint on the windscreen. Maybe one of the intentions of Salik was to encourage removal. Some cars need the tag positioned differently because of the factory tint - BMW, Mercedes.

Stiff said...

Hi guys,
I have my car with v kool tinting and the salik coulnd't read it when I passed through the toll gate.I am not informed of any type of fines as well. What do I do now and Where do I check if I have fines.Can I refix it. This system is giving me too much head ache.

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