05 June, 2007

Cyclone Gonu

Without sounding panicky, does anyone have any updates regarding the Category 5 cyclone that is on course for the Straits of Hormuz? Apparently there is a small chance of it entering the Gulf ............YIKES!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: more here.

Very Scarey Pics here.


Hatem said...

According to BBC Arabic:
“The authorities in Oman evacuated 7000 persons to safer locations. They say it’s currently in the Arabic sea and they expect it to hit the east cost of Oman as well as a small island called ‘Massira’ in the next 30 Hours (updated on 5 June at 7:47 GMT) at a speed of 110 Miles/Hr.

Maybe this will affect the navigation on the harbors, which may increase the oil price…”

The link is in Arabic, and if someone is interested to read it from original source, it’s here.

I have Yahoo weather widget and it also says that Dubai is expected to be affected by “isolated thunderstorms” tomorrow.

Hatem said...
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Hatem said...

east coast of Oman...

Anonymous said...

You can watch the progress here.

Someone in Al Ain said...

it might as well come to uae..

i got a picture that shows this might come to al ain..


i hope this helpful..

Geoff Pound said...

A few photos from flood waters on the Fujairah beaches are posted at:


fake balushi said...

The Omani's have learned after that devastating rains/thunders, months back.

Its better to take these measures earlier.

Anonymous said...

I hope this cyclone hits etisalat's proxy servers

Rejected said...

I hope it will hit the immigration office.

Anonymous said...

UAE Civil Defence forces have been put on alert to deal with any possible damage that may be inflicted by the tropical cyclone Gonu in case it hits the UAE coasts.
Civil Defence forces in Fujairah have been put on full alert to ensure that humanitarian services are provided to local residents in case the cycle hits the UAE coast.
Civil Defence has in place a federal catastrophe management plan that spells out the role of all federal and local organisations in combating the effects of natural disasters.
The public shooul be informed against going on sea or wandering near coasts, mountains and valleys and to ware of electricity hazards and disconnect electric supply to outdoor electric lights and signage and to refrain from using cellular phones in open areas during thunder storms.
The state of emergency at hospitals of Fujairah and the eastern region has been raised 25 per cent to deal with any emergencies that may be caused by the tropical cyclone Gonu.
Coastal areas of Fujiarah and the eastern region experienced an unusual surge in wave activities on Tuesday evening, pushing waves to as high as seven meters from two meters, and causing spillage of sea water onto lowlands.

moviemania said...

Regular updates can be found on this Omani blog; Sleepless in Muscat.

Balqis said...

it will be just some rain for you
stay cool

Anonymous said...

Rains are most welcome. Hope no one gets hurt!

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