04 June, 2007

QSTP TECHtalks an Eye Opener.

Qatar Science and Tech Park held its QSTP TECHtalks conference. bizzwhizzdubai.com was invited and it turned out to be a very encouraging event. The steps QSTP is taking are phenomenal, all poised to making the region a flat ground for young entrepreneurs to walk on. It will be interesting to see how thess effect the region and if stronger economies like UAE would follow or lead. Just a bright idea and an enthusiasm to make it happen would get you in. Of course the business would need to relocate in Qatar but that is it.

What really inspired me were the changing IP Laws and the open doors policy with no constraints of origin. Details here...

bizzwhizzdubai comments are mentioned in the press release as coming from a dubai entrepreneur.


layka said...
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Anonymous said...
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samuraisam said...

No, actually we don't let balushi say what he wants to; he's been banned several times before.

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