28 June, 2007

Salik. And so the endgame begins...

I feel really sorry for the people in the Salik call centre. Given a job to do, and not the information or resources to do it. Took me 15 minutes listening to sanctimonious claptrap before a real live person picked up the call.

Haven't been able to find a Salik tag yet, so I called them to ask. "Selected Emarat and Epco stations". Yes, but which ones? All that I have visited so far have been cleaned out. And I imagine tomorrow is going to be worse. "Go to Emirates Bank or Dubai Islamic Bank instead"

So, Emirates Bank then? Tomorrow is Friday... ..will the RTA arrange for them to open specially? Yeah, right.

So, what happens if I can't get a tag before Sunday? "You won't be fined for two days, but you must get a tag"

OK, but where? "Selected Emarat or Eppco stations" - been there, done that, all gone.

So can you tell me which stations still have tags? "No, I don't have any information about that"

And if I can't find one? "You will be fined"

How can I appeal? "I don't have any information about that"

And if I have to drive on Shk Zayed road "you must have a tag"

So please tell me where there will be tags available tomorrow "I don't have any information about that"

I really do feel sorry for N*****a, she was only doing her job. But I still don't have a tag. I wonder how many others there are in the same boat?

Guess we'll find out on Sunday...


TwinTopaz said...

check Eppco at DAFZA..they still have them

TwinTopaz said...
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Anonymous said...

I thought I'd be smart and buy the tag as soon as it was released - guessing that choas nearer the launch date would ensue.

Still that back fired after cutting a hole in the (clear) tint on the windscreen and fixing the Salik tag as instructed - only to find out 1 week later that 'new' special installation instructions had been issued for BMWs!

If the tag registration fails, I wonder if Salik will offer to replace my tint and tag free of charge?

The 1st of July might be an entertaining day to sit by the MoE exit of the SZH!


fellow atheist said...

what new installation instructions for BMW?! I bought mine a long time ago, but I never fixed it up yet. I wasn't going to cut a hole through the tint, just right under it. Anything special about that?

MD said...

I called the Salik Hotline to ask them about the tag activation since I didn't receive any confirmation. I bought my Salik tag more than a week back. The guy said 'It takes...a week and a few days'. And then he says, 'Well don't worry. Your application will be processed before July 1'.

MD said...

fellow atheist: They do have new instructions for Mercs, Range Rovers, Phantoms and BMWs. You can find more in this GN article.

It's ridiculous that they publish this information after many car owners such as Anon @ 20:37 would have bought the tags by now.

Seabee said...

I've just posted about this sudden change of where to place the sticker on a whole list of cars. Unbelievable! A few hours before it starts and only now do they tell us this information.

It must involve a lot of cars, it applies to various models from as early as 1998.

CG said...


Back of House in DXB said...

If it's any help... Eppco (I think could be Enoc, who knows?) service station just down from Emirates Bank on Al Wasl Rd (if you were coming from Jebel Ali, towards Dubai, it's on your left) had them still yestereday.

Of course cause I lease my car, I can't "register" Salik myself, has to be done by my rental company.

nick said...

I think buying the tags from the remote gas stations will mean they have at least a few tags left...try the Eppco station just after Emirates Mall heading towards DMC/Knowledge Village. They had a carton of them when I got mine yesterday. Good luck!

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