28 June, 2007

Just another trivial bost about berfume...

Anyone know about the discontinued perfume "FLORE"?

It was one of Carolina Herrera's signatures, and one of my all-time faves of faves.

Where has it gone? Can I find it again? If so, how can I buy it?

Anyone know anything about it?

Would very much appreciate any responses as to its whereabouts...


rosh said...


Think they ship it to UAE as well.

i*maginate said...

!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a star!

Thanks, I'll check it out! =)

BuJ said...

i give you esbeshal brice for you.. last biece... :)

rosh said...

lol BuJ - well done!

i*maginate said...

*Buj..... lol.

"you will give to me esbeshal brice because my bersonality, she is esbeshal. no?" :P

last biece? how much, how much!!

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