21 June, 2007

Recovering Iraqi Orphans Face Bleak Future

"(CBS) It was a welcome Capt. Ben Morales could not resist. He walked into the room and a little boy reached out his arms to him, CBS News chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan reports. Morales was back to check on the 24 boys he and his soldiers rescued just more than a week ago. "

The ironic part is:

" As CBS News was filming new scenes on Wednesday, the minister was telling the nation these boys are perfectly healthy — and that Logan's report was a lie. "

click here for the full article and video.

I just can't understand how a human is able to do this to another human, espcially kids! The world is going NUTS! I'm so sad and angry.


rosh said...

heart wrenching!

Lirun said...

it is going nuts..

Fahad Al Mahmood said...

What do you expect from a government put in control by the Bush administration? They're just a group of thieves & crocks (like the Bush administration).

Don't tell me this government has been elected by the Iraqi people cause everybody knows that's a lie ...

BuJ said...

I saw this yesterday too.. i need to blog about it.. it's absolutely heartless and takes them below animal level even.

Anonymous said...

Fahad al Mahmood are you a complete idiot? Your attitude is typical - it can't possibly be the Iraqi's fault because they are unable to take responsibility for wiping their own arses, so it must be the Americans even though they are the ones rescuing the kids. As good old Dr Phil says, you can't fix what you won't acknowledge. As long as apologists like you continue to shift the blame from where it really belongs there will be no sanity in Iraq and there is no hope for the future there.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 21 June, 2007 14:17
Wake up smart guy. The yanks first create the problems then offer solutions and help and finally blame others. In the days of Saddam (who was an us pet earlier) such things did not exist even with the west imposed sanctions.

Anonymous said...

Look, I'm not saying the US hasn't caused havoc in Iraq and many other places too, but they are not the ones blowing up mosques and police stations or, for that matter, mistreating small children. Saying its all their fault is like a 5 year old saying "he made me do it", and until everyone (and I do mean evryone) in Iraq stops behaving like a bunch of petulant infants nothing is going to improve. Tell me one instance, just one please, where a suicide bombing of innocent people has actually improved a situation?
Sure, its easy to blame the Yanks, so keep on doing that if you don't want anything to change.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

At anon 14:17

What do you want Fahad to acknowledge? That torturing children is an innate trait of the Iraqi people? And that they should all seek counseling with Dr. Phil of yours?

No Sir I am sorry, it is not their collective problem that this has happened. Bush has invaded Iraq, smashed its fundamental elements of statesmanship, made it exposed, it has become so exposed like a plateau for every maniac on earth to exercise their madness….

Even Saddam in his darkest impulses wouldn't think of doing something like this…

It is horrible, simply horrible…

Al Mulhama, The Inspired said...

This is what gets done in a lot of unfortunate places. They actually even had the same scenario in somewhere like Romania or Hungary... chained to bed and defecating on self.

What is sad is that this is politics.

It is the fault of everyone.

Oh and PLEASE don't tell me in Saddam's time...!!! He did worse, he just didn't do it to orphans. He did MUCH worse.

As for dem yanks, welllll we all know dem cowboys and the attitude of "he pissed ma daddy and am gonna get back at 'em" they could've and still can secure borders...


of the others at fault, the Arabs... Sudanese, Saudi, Yemeni, Palestinians, Morroccans, Algerians, Libyans and Egyptians (please forgive me if I've left out a few)and a few non Arabs: the Iranians, Afghani's & Pakistani's.

All of them are brainwashed in to thinking they are doing Islam a service if they kill the Sunnis/Shiites/Christians/Jews in Iraq cause their belief is the ONE!

We Iraqi's are at fault for too many reasons, one for not getting the B"$&"£& and executing him before. Oh, and I mean it in its exact sense as it is not know who fathered him.

The other million reasons, I'd rather save to share amongst ourselves. There is little dignity left. But we will still hold our heads up high and be proud of being Iraqi.

At the end, it's those innocents who pay the price while most of us sit in comfort.

Anonymous said...

Fahad you're wrong, the bush administrator is just cleaning up the area from dictators.(Sarcasm)

Like they did the Indian Americans, they will do anyone else on this planet.

This man speaks the truth

Anonymous said...

USA = United Snakes Of America

They make/sell weapons and bombs and nobody has the right to call them terrorists.(Why?)

They used an atomic bomb in Hiroshima wiping out 60% of the population and the word terrorist was never mentioned.(Why?)

They call their country the land of free, while their crime rate is the highest amongst any other country on this planet.

Who has the right to call other human beings an Alien ? only Americans (Does Michael Jackson look like a human?) there are more, but this pedophile is enough as an example.

They always come up with this democracy crap just to start a war, while their main purpose is looting the country, unloading chemical/biological disease and raping the women and children.

The only language they understand is money, alcohol, weed and guns.

Why the hell do they even claim that In God they trust ? they even enjoy making fun of God and prophets.

Is this what the American version of bible teaches them ?

Israel is not a threat to anyone, because they are their allies and they have the right to carry atomic bombs. Clap-Clap

Whatever goes up, it MUST and WILL come down.

Anonymous said...

Wow seems there is quite an amount of dislike, downright hate for the US. Yet I see we love Starbucks, Mcd's, 12 cylinder gas guzzlers, Hummers, Nikes, GAP, cast of Friends, Hollywood, Coke/Pepsi. Almost everyone drools over Brad Pitt, George Clooney & Angelina Jolie.

Given a choice, most would want to study at Harvard, Cornell, PACE, Stanford and yet we hate America. Let's turn blind to issues created by us and our government and blame everything on America. It will be alright if Saddam raped and plundered our women and our country like he did it at Kuwait. I think Libya, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Oman would have come to Kuwait's or our rescue?

It is America’s fault that got rid of Saddam while our governments sat on their fat asses, did nothing, but hoped and prayed Saddam be gone. I am sure there are many amongst you who hoped he would go away for good.

Yet when Iraqis have a chance to build themselves and make a future, they prefer to kill one another in the name of religion. Let us blame our stupidity, our dimwit brain cells and complete hate for one another on America.

Not let us turn around, face America and continue with this hypocrisy that has come to define our lives, our ideologies perhaps our future generations. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Anonymous said...

Iraqies never had a chance and probably they never will, thanks to America and it's future plotting and looting.

Stop kidding yourself, Saddam was a seed planted by the CIA, they raised him, they used him and finally they got rid of him.

American fast food = Obesity

The American Government has no sympathy for anyone, all they were afraid of was Saddam controlling the whole regions oil, the hell with the Iraqi people.

You people live on a land that doesn't even belong to you, terrorist ? Hell NO!

Next Target: Iran, why ? because they just said Israel has to be wiped out ? What business does America have with the Middle East ? your country is on the other side of this planet, who invited you to come and talk for Israel ? don' they have their own nukes, can't they stand up and defend themselves ? Wait a minute they planted Israel in the ME to have an excuse to keep on coming back. Sheesh how did I miss this point.

Go party and stop talking trash, you're too busy finding another chick at the mall to bang.

Try match.com it's easier and faster.

Anonymous said...

Anon 19:06: Denial is not a river in Egypt. Grow up, face reality. Give your Arab pride a break and help fix issues rather than blame everyone else for your misfortunes and lack of intelligence/maturity.

Don't be afraid get out and see the world, even though match.com failed you.

Get a life.

Anonymous said...

The White House is selling tickets to paradise, where can I buy one ?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the Bush administrator accept Israel as a 52nd state and give them a little bit of space in N.America ?

Won't this prevent from starting fatah, hamas and others to start shit every now and then because Israel exists in the ME region?

BuJ said...

Just notice how many anonymous people are commenting.. the people that did this cowardly act are probably anonymous too.. but not for long.

This account is from inside Iraq.

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