03 June, 2007

A very sad comment from someone...

I made this comments, from this comment of "[fake name removed]" because I think it was irrelevant to the topic and it is important for me to answer it, a comment like this is not acceptable for I am a Filipino.

This comment by [fake name removed] from my post in this blog regarding a boy asking for a little help for his operation. Drive to save boy from leukaemia an article also posted in Gulfnews by Nina Muslim.

comment says:

Posted by [fake name removed] on 30 May, 2007 09:47
filipinas /filipinos are filthy people!indians are the best!

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I'm there during the events and I witness that not only Filipinos came there to help but also other nationalities was there including Indians who have heart of giving and heart to share.

In what basis he/she made a comment like this, we are only asking for help for those people who wants to give help. If you are having a problem in one or two Filipinos you work with here in Dubai make a comments to them not to include all Filipinos. We already know that the Politics in my homeland Philippines are dirty but not the people "ordinary Filipinos who lived there" they are only victim of the situations.

I have one question for you to answered if you will read this again...

What will you do if the same trials "same situations" came to your family?

Now I will make a suggestion with you why not visit the Philippines then make a comments regarding your experienced when you return.

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EDIT by SD: I have removed the name of the alleged commenter, because I am satisfied they did not post that comment. (1) it is not their style, (2) it did not link to their Blogger account, (3) that person has a history of being spoofed/framed by fakers. I fully agree that the comment was vile and ignorant, but we need to be careful blaming innocent people for stuff that is not their fault.


fake balushi said...

how do you know it was dedimenon who made that comment?

for eg; how do u know its me the real fakebalushi making this one?

PS.the Whole of Man is Filthy!

Spread the love said...

Dear friend,

I can tell you quite sincerely (as an Indian who has lived here for 18 years now) that my opinion of Filipinos in general is that they are among the nicest people among the many communities that live and work here. I've noticed that Filipinos are always friendly, good natured, fun loving and and almost never play dirty against others. And I added that 'almost' simply in order to avoid making a sweeping statement.

I'm fairly sure that the person who made that comment did so with malicious intent (i.e., simply wanting to cause hurt or trouble) and is definitely not really a person called debbie menon.

I assure you that when we hear of cases such as that child's, it moves us very deeply irrespective of the patient's nationality and our one desire is to see the person recover fully and speedily. May God bless the child and give him a miracle.


DUBAI JAZZ said...

A person who would make a negative comment about an entire community or nationality of people does only smear himself before all of us as a bigot...
Just don't worry about this single comment, Filipinos are nice folks. It's self-evident in their dominance over the service sector, they EXCEL in service. They never argue with an angry customer, and I guess that they do it out of their own innate goodness...

Skeptic Al said...


Don't respond to trolls. The attention you give them is exactly what they are looking for in the first place.

rosh said...

Buddy, ignore the ignorant unfortunate people like DM. Focus on the good you are into. I think Filipinos are such pleasant group of folks - often I see them smiling and in grace, even during the toughest times. There is a lot of resilience in you all.

donkey kong said...

ignore her, she is a real person, u can read her shitty'comments"on a shithole paper khaleej times.
she's aloser.
filipinas rule!!

samuraisam said...

As posted on another post by Debbie Menon:
"All Bloggers on UAE Blogs:

Please note. This is to inform you that debbie menon does not blog on UAE blogs. Debbie Menon does not comment on UAE blogs. All comments
that appear on these blogs
are made by FAKE debbie menon
posters. Malicious posters.

Blog on!

Debbie Menon"

As this matter has been cleared up, commenting is now going to be disabled.