30 June, 2007

Nice Snap



Anonymous said...

Do these hardworking, reliable and competent laborers have social insurance for themselves and their families in the case of illness and industrial injuries and do they have protection by a modern labor law like in the EU?
Shouldn't the UAE, this rich arab jewel, be top level not only in economical but in social issues as well or asking more frankly, should Dubai be a good place for the rich as well as for middle class employees and working class members? Like an onion, being tasty only, when all onionskins are palatable.
What’s your opinion?

UAE ALIAS said...

On the other hand I think UAE is improving on the level of protecting laborers rights, as you all know UAE is a very young country and such issues develop overtime, ALL the countries had such problems (human-rights issues)in their beginings.
I don't think in UAE the society classes are as obvious as they are in the west!
There is a huge middle class sector in here, I think we should work alot more on the laborers rights... but I think we are doing much better than others if we compared the growth pace in less than half a century with any other countries which are way older.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

a genuine smile indeed!

B.D. said...

Yep, these guys have million dirham smiles. They ought to be hired as part of a poster campaign to promote positive attitudes on the job.

BuJ said...

hey.. i recognise the guy on the right.. i think his visa is expired.. will have to check his lazy sponsor.. akh.. bloody contractors!

Philolathes said...

UAE Alias, it is rather ridiculous to suggest UAE's infancy as the cause for its treading on human rights and labor laws and unions. You're comparing it to the America of the 60's. A LOT has changed since then and those are two entirely different contexts. For instance, now we are more politically correct in our thoughts and the ways we express ourselves. We are also more aware and certainly more giving of human rights now than we were 5 decades ago. So making that comparison is a flawed argument. Just so you know...

Personally, I think this country (Dubai in particular) just quickly wants to reach its planned image and send the construction worker home before talk about labor unions takes over the country and Amnesty International is forced to intervene. They are going to try wrapping up the whole shebang (this whole 5-cranes-per-mile thing) and send them all a-packing! And by the time the likes of Amnesty come to, Dubai won't be stepping on human rights as that would've been a thing of the past. Also, by that time we'll see a lot less construction and a lot more of labor rights in situ. And everybody will be happy - the public, the construction worker, Amnesty and MOST IMPORTANTLY the construction industy gurus. They would be reaping their benefits and profits by then. Because it really is all about the satiety of the money machines, after all.

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