13 June, 2007

White Sun of the Desert among top 50 business blogs

That's UAE community member Tim Newman. According to The Times. Congratulations, Tim.

Here's what The Times has to say:
#25. White Sun of the Desert
By Tim Newman, “a British expat living on Sakhalin Island, married to a Russian, and doing what I’m told”. Sample post: “Yesterday I sat from 8am until 4pm in a decrepit old Soviet classroom attending what was described as a training course in industrial safety. In actual fact, this training course was no more than a Russian bloke reading out Russian Federation Law No 116 line by line, in Russian, and then pausing whilst it was badly translated into English. The training course cost $375 per person.” Read the blog


fellow atheist said...

I'm surprised that a bigot like Tim Newman can be the top of anything 'business'. Odd.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Says something about the Times, doesn't it? Ha!

I'm da bestest said...

Quite. Indeed, if you noticed, the whole world is jaundiced, partisan and bigoted.

Except us, of course. Why can't others be as clever and discerning as us? Is it an IQ problem?

Rambler said...

I know this is off topic, but did meet his russian wife in Dubai?

secretdubai said...

Congrats to Tim. It's a huge accolade to get on a list like that.

Tim Newman said...

I know this is off topic, but did meet his russian wife in Dubai?

Yup. She was working in the sales team in the Hyatt Regency, and we met through an Uzbek girl who worked in the Grand Hyatt, who set us up on a blind date.

Interestingly, I met the Uzbek girl through an American whom I know solely through linking to his weblog.

So, I started a blog and ended up married. Kinda.

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