20 June, 2007

Salik Petition

Here's another Salik thing



fellow atheist said...

Aside from the fact that online petitions are pointless at best.. I would never put my name to a document so riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes.

MD said...

I've not seen these petitions do any good and I doubt, it'll change RTA's mind.

Anonymous said...

petitions work to stop a school from canceling a bakesale....petitions however dont do well when ur going against a government decision and u do realize they spent millions allready on it

Anonymous said...

This is really a good thing at least something is being done. Whether it works or not is secondary. If we never try we will not know if it could have worked. Even if it fails to get the desired results the public opinion is documented. Congratulation to the guys and wish them all success.

BuJ said...

Petitions don't always stop but they sure can be fun. Cheer up chums.

Anonymous said...

Interesting is the Google AdSense on the petition.....??????

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